George Mason University


Diverse Academic Programs and Courses

Explore diversity at Mason in a variety of ways, including through degree programs, courses, and centers of study.

Programs of Study

Mason offers a variety of academic programs that recognized and celebrate the diverse world around us. Through the Bachelor of Individualized Study program and the Master of Interdisciplinary Studies program, you can create your own specialized area of diverisity-related study.

Bachelor's Degrees  

Chinese Concentration, Foreign Languages Bachelor of Arts

French Concentration, Foreign Languages Bachelor of Arts

Latin American Studies Bachelor of Arts

Spanish Concentration, Foreign Language Bachelor of Arts

Religious Studies Bachelor of Arts

Russian and Eurasian Studies Bachelor of Arts

Sociology Bachelor of Arts

Women and Gender Studies Concentration, Integrative Studies Bachelor of Arts

Inequality and Social Change Concentration, Sociology Bachelor of Arts


African and African American Studies Arabic  Asia-Pacific and Northeast Asian Studies
Ethnomusicology  Chinese

Foreign Languages

French German Immigration Studies
Islamic Studies Italian Studies Japanese Studies
Judaic Studies Latin American Studies Latin
Middle East Studies Mild Disabilities Native American and Indigenous Studies
Religious Studies Russian Sociology
Visual Impairment and Blindness Arts and Social Change Russian and Eurasian Studies
Women and Gender Studies Aging Studies Art and Social Change


Master's Degrees  
Foreign Languages French Concentration, Foreign Language Religion, Culture, and Values Concentration, Interdisciplinary Studies
Sociology  Spanish and French Spanish Concentration, Foreign Language
Women and Gender Studies Concentration, Interdisciplinary Studies Assistive Technology, Concentration in MEd Curriculum and Instruction Early Childhood Education for Diverse Learners, Concentration in Curriculum and Instruction, MEd


Cultural Studies Sociology



Autism Spectrum Disorders Graduate Certificate

Gerontology Graduate Certificate

Visual Impairment Licensure PK-12 Graduate Certificate

Women and Gender Studies Graduate Certificate


Take an Elective of Interest

The university has hundreds of courses about diversity in all its forms. These are just a few examples of classes you can take here.

Selected Course Offerings  

The African American Experience in the Performing Arts (AVT 378)

American Sign Language (EDSE 115)

Assistive Technology for Individuals with Sensory Impairments (EDAT 422)

Braille Code (EDSE 412)

Construction of Differences: Race, Class, and Gender (INTS 320)

Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Globalization (ANTH 332)

Current Topics in Women and Gender Studies (WMST 450)

Dance in Popular Culture: Afro-Latino Dance (DANC 119)

Dialogue and Difference (CONF 325)

Human Variation (ANTH 365)

Introduction to African American Studies (AFAM 200)

Introduction to Cultural Studies (ENGH 318)

Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, and Queer Studies (WMST 308)

Musics of the World (MUSI 103)

Peoples and Cultures of India (ANTH 309)

Peoples and Cultures of Latin America (ANTH 302)

Race and Ethnicity in a Changing World (SOCI 308)

Race and Gender in American Sports (HIST 337)

Religions of Asia (RELI 212)

Religions of the West (RELI 211)

Introduction to Native American and Indigenous Studies (NAIS 201)


Research Centers and Initiatives

Mason's community of scholars is eager to expand our knowledge of the world and the people in it. One way we do that is through our centers of research and project initiatives.

Ali Vural AK Center for Global Islamic Studies

Center for Asia Pacific Cooperation

Center for Digital Media Innovation and Diversity

Center for Global Studies

Center for International Education

Center for Study of Chronic Illness and Disability

Center for the Study of Chronic Metabolic Diseases

Center for the Study of Gender and Conflict

Center for World Religions, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution

Diversity Research and Action Consortium

Helen A Kellar Institute for Human disAbilities

Institute for Immigration Research

Well-Being University Initiative: Mason Nation Thriving Together

Center for Social Science Research