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Executive and Professional Education

The Entire Mason Curriculum at Your Fingertips 

Mason's Executive and Professional Education program is the single point of contact for organizations and individuals seeking to leverage the comprehensive for-credit and non-credit curricula of Virginia’s largest research university. 

As a chief learning officer, you can:

  • Access Mason’s entire array of academic and professional programs, allowing for the creation and implementation of true multidisciplinary learning solutions.
  • Integrate original faculty research and specific organization issues into closed cohort programs – ensuring your learning solution is relevant.
  • Develop educational paths consistent with organization career paths – utilizing our learning solutions as the starting point for employees seeking to complete Mason certificate and degree programs.

Leading the Way

The program is tapped into the needs of corporate and federal government communities, and is leading the way by developing multidisciplinary programs that provide an immediate impact on overall organizational performance.

As a profit center leader, you can take advantage of our existing multidisciplinary learning solutions in:

  • National security – where the focus is on solving for both the “NSA” and “Langley” perspectives.
  • Leadership training that successfully “moves” high performers up the organizational ladder – increasing both employment duration and overall productive contributions.
  • Gaming – bringing the highest tech approaches to the operation and delivery of corporate solutions.

Build Your Personal Competitive Advantage  

For individuals seeking to gain a competitive advantage and enhance their career path prospects, our program provides an extensive portfolio of specialized workforce development and professional certificate programs. 

For individuals, the immediate benefits of working with our program are:

  • Programs are offered at multiple locations, and in some cases, are delivered in an online format.
  • Current program offerings are focused on the most relevant and in-demand professional certifications, including human resources, facility management, government contracting and technology management.
  • Should your organization have an education alliance agreement with our program, you could qualify for an additional 10 percent discount.

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The Time Is Now

The Executive and Professional Education program provides the very best way for both organizations and individuals to gain their competitive edge and take advantage of what Virginia’s largest research university can offer through a single knowledge portal. Are you ready to make the leap? Explore which  solution is right for you.