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Viet Tran and Seth Robertson with their design

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon invited Mason engineering majors Viet Tran and Seth Robertson to come on the show with their invention, a sound-wave fire extinguisher. An impressed Fallon demonstrated the device on the air.

Engineering Students Find It’s All About the Bass

Nobody represents Mason’s signature learning experience like Viet Tran and Seth Robertson. 

The engineering majors needed to design and produce a device for a senior project. Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Brian Mark agreed to mentor them.

“Some students take the safe path, but Viet and Seth took the higher-risk option,” Mark said.

The duo spent $600 of their own money on a design that many people, including some professors, were skeptical would work. But sure enough, they were able to design a device that extinguishes fires with low-frequency sounds. In other words, it really is all about that bass.

Their sound-wave device is free of toxic chemicals and eliminates collateral damage from sprinkler systems. It could have applications for fighting forest fires or putting out fires in space.

You may have seen their invention in action in The Washington Post or on CNN. Jimmy Fallon even demonstrated their invention on “The Tonight Show.

Mason helped them apply for a provisional patent. They’re still testing and refining the extinguisher.