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Ángel Cabrera Global Center

Home Away from Home 

Today, the Global Center is home to more than 270 domestic and international students and features a dining hall, the Learning Resource Center, 22 renovated classrooms, study spaces, and a meditation room along with INTO Mason faculty and staff offices. 

The Welcome Desk is staffed Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. by staff members and cultural liaisons who speak a variety of languages.

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Contact us at +1 703-993-4501

Global Center Facilities


The Global Center is home to 270 domestic and international students.

All rooms are double or triple occupancy and have an en suite bathroom and plenty of storage including dressers, desks, and closet space.

Students have access to free laundry facilities, kitchen lounges on each floor and housing assistance at the front desk.


The Global Center features 22 technology-equipped classrooms. Each classroom has an instructor or lecturer computer with internet connectivity on the Mason network, a document camera, speakers, ample whiteboards on multiple walls, and a projector. Thirteen classrooms have interactive whiteboards, and two have video-conferencing capabilities. Classrooms can accommodate from 14 to 30 students. All classrooms have been designed to minimize outside noise interference. 

To reserve a classroom for an event, contact the INTO Mason Welcome Desk


The Globe dining hall introduces customers to a cultural experience that starts with food.

The facility, on the ground floor of the Global Center, is the only on-campus dining hall open 365 days a year.

Diners frequently enjoy international cuisine, and the Mason community is invited to “Around the Globe” cuisine nights.

University groups are invited to hold events at the Globe, which features a private dining room that seats 14 and has a large-screen monitor.  Larger groups can also reserve the front section of the dining room for events.

Meditation Space    

A quiet meditation room is available to all Mason students, staff and faculty. 

The room is equipped with four foot-washing stations--two male and two female--as well as lockers to keep belongings safe. 

The room is open 24 hours a day. There is a woman's entrance through the middle hallway and a men's entrance through the men’s restroom.

Learning Resource Center

What is the Learning Resource Center? 

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) seeks to connect Mason’s multilingual students to services and resources that will enable them to improve their English language and academic skills for the purposes of educational, professional, and personal growth.

Specifically, the LRC serves both INTO Mason and the university as a whole by providing:

  • Tutoring (English language and designated Pathway Program content areas)
  • Workshops for English grammar, pronunciation, writing, vocabulary, test prep, etc.
  • Individual and group study areas, including multi-media centers
  • Library of graded ESL readers, dictionaries, and other reference materials
  • Testing of oral English language proficiency for GMU international graduate teaching assistants (GTA)
  • Technology access, including computers equipped with learning software, and a printer/copier/scanner

What tutoring services does the LRC offer? 

  • Pathway Content Areas: LRC content tutors are available to help INTO Mason Pathway students in designated courses that may be challenging due to the complex nature of the material. As needed, content tutoring can be been provided for accounting, mathematics, physics, psychology, economics, bioinformatics, data analytics, and statistics. 
  • English Language: English language tutoring is available to any multilingual Mason student in the Learning Resource Center, Monday through Friday, throughout the spring, summer, and fall semesters. 

English language tutoring encompasses a range of skill areas including:

  • Writing: Paper organization, developing thesis statements and supporting arguments, grammatical accuracy, paraphrasing/summarizing, vocabulary selection, and proper use of citations.
  • Speaking: Pronunciation, oral grammar, fluency, discourse competency, and presentation skills.
  • Listening: Strategies for increasing comprehension in the classroom.
  • Reading: Tools for identifying key themes and terms in academic texts.

To refer a student to the LRC, download this form and email it

How can I make an appointment with an English language or content tutor at the LRC? 

Students should create an account and make an appointment for a tutor at the LRC. 

How does the LRC support International Graduate Teaching Assistants? 

The LRC administers the oral English proficiency assessment that International Graduate Teaching Assistants (IGTA) and Graduate Lecturers (GL) are required to take before assuming instructional responsibilities. Students who have received an offer from a Mason department for a GTA or GL position should review the information on registering for and taking the test.

GTA oral English assessments are administered on a weekly basis in the Learning Resource Center (Rm. 1305) of the INTO Mason Global Center.

Registration information for IGTAs:

You need to reserve a time to take the test. If you have not used this scheduling system before, choose "Click here to register" to create an account. Then, log in and select "LRC Assessments" in the drop-down menu. Under the "GTA Oral Assessment (CELTD)" option, you can choose any of the white blocks to reserve a time for testing. On the day of your assessment, please bring your Mason ID with you and arrive on time so that you can begin your test promptly.

Prior to your CELTD assessment, you will need to join the Blackboard organization, GTA Testing & Tutoring.  To do this, go to your Blackboard home page, click on Organizations on the top menu bar, and then type "GTA Testing" in the Organization Search field below.  Click GO.  On the next page, click the down arrow next to AU_Provost_GTATutoring, and then Enroll.

Once you've enrolled, visit the GTA Testing & Tutoring site to complete and upload the test registration form.  Also, this site contains useful information about preparing for the assessment.


Please note: In order to be eligible to take the GTA Oral English Assessment, you MUST have an official offer letter from your department or verification that you are an official finalist for a GTA position. Please bring a copy of this (paper or electronic) with you to the assessment session. Also, ONLY students who were required to submit English proficiency examination scores as part of their application to Mason are required to take the GTA oral English assessment. 

Assessment Format:

The assessment you will be taking is the Classroom English Language and Teaching Demonstration (CELTD) for which you will be asked to deliver a 15-minute classroom lecture on a topic related to your proposed GTA assignment. For example, you could provide a course overview and an explanation of class assignments. Alternatively, you could provide an introductory lesson on basic course material, or a more in-depth lesson on a key concept or term. The choice of topic is yours; however, your presentation should be simplified and clear enough so that a novice in your field (like the people who will be scoring your test) will be able to understand it. Feel free to "recycle" a presentation that you have previously delivered for a class you have taken.

During and after your presentation, the evaluators will ask you a number of questions about the material you present. You will have typical classroom technology and equipment available for your lecture (e.g. computer, projector, internet accessibility, whiteboard, markers), so you should plan to use these resources in your lecture presentation. Note: Please spend no more than one hour preparing for this presentation.


Your CELTD assessment will be video recorded and scored by a qualified rater, and the results will be postd on Blackboard within 5 to 7 business days. GTAs who do not fully pass the assessment and each subsection (pronunciation, grammar, and discourse competence) will be required to attend English language tutoring sessions in the LRC.

For questions, please email LRC Coordinator, Kathy Rossell

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