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Darrell Green

Darrell Green, the Hall of Fame cornerback who played 20 seasons with the Washington Redskins, is an associate athletic director at Mason and special assistant to athletic director Brad Edwards.

Darrell Green is ‘a Built-In Ambassador’ for Mason

Is NCAA football on the horizon at George Mason University? Darrell Green has faced that question many times since becoming an associate athletic director and special assistant to athletic director Brad Edwards.

“It was never a conversation we had,” Green says. “We’ve had one conversation about that; (someone) always asked.”

Green, the Hall of Fame cornerback who played 20 seasons with the Washington Redskins, has several duties at Mason. His primary focus is development. He meets with business groups and chambers of commerce and leads monthly meetings he calls “Crunch Time,” which, Green says, “brings together eight to ten businessmen and women who we consider potential investors in the university.” He is also a liaison between the university and prospective students and their families

“I’m a built-in ambassador for the school,” says Green, who played for Washington from 1983 to 2002, and with Edwards, a safety, as a teammate from 1990-93. I’m trying to introduce athletics and the quality of athletics and the needs that we have.”

One of his major goals is increasing the public’s involvement with the university’s men’s basketball program.

“I wish the people, particularly alumni, would come back. Let’s fill our arena. You can say, ‘Bring me a winner, then we’ll come.’ But come and help bring us a winner. That’s my message to the alumni.”

Darrell Green

But his focus goes beyond basketball; it’s “important to our school and our social environment. That said, we want to raise athletes to new heights across the board, on the courts and the fields, in the classroom, and as human beings.”

While he was at University of Mary Washington as special assistant to the athletic director, he “got to sit down and hang out with students in a very light way, just be a resource to them, a dad, a friend. I love that part. I’d like to have that component [at Mason], where I can sit down with kids and talk.”

Green sees that as part of his mission. “We want our championship teams. We want our students to graduate. Those are givens. But we also want to make sure we bring mentorship and leadership to our students that is applicable off the field and in life.”