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Time to report:

If something has happened, there is no time limit for reporting it to the university. However, it is important to keep in mind that the length of time between the incident and your report may impact parts of an investigation.

Things to remember:

If the person with whom the incident took place is no longer a student or employee, Mason will work to provide appropriate measures to resolve situations that may have contributed to the incident, and assist the complainant with access to outside law enforcement and reporting. 

If something happened, please don't keep it a secret because drugs or alcohol may have been involved in the incident.  Mason will not pursue disciplinary action to you the complainant, or any witnesses, for disclosure of illegal personal consumption of drugs or alcohol in connection with a report.  

Complainants may simultaneously pursue criminal and university complaints.

Remedial and Protective Measures

The university offers a wide range of resources for students and employees, whether as complainants or respondents, to provide support and guidance throughout the initiation, investigation, and resolution of a report of prohibited conduct. The university will offer reasonable and appropriate measures to protect a complainant and facilitate the complainant’s continued access to university employment or education programs and activities.

These measures may be both remedial (designed to address a complainant’s safety and well-being and continued access to educational opportunities) or protective (involving action against a respondent).

Remedial and protective measures, which may be temporary or permanent, may include:

  • no-contact directives
  • residence modifications
  • academic modifications and support
  • work schedule modifications
  • interim disciplinary suspension
  • suspension from employment
  • pre-disciplinary leave (with or without pay)

Remedial measures are available regardless of whether a complainant pursues a complaint or investigation under this policy. The university will maintain the privacy of any remedial and protective measures provided under this policy to the extent practicable and will promptly address any violation of the protective measures. The Title IX Coordinator has the discretion to impose and/or modify any interim measure based on all available information, and is available to meet with a complainant or respondent to address any concerns about the provision of interim measures.

The university will provide reasonable remedial and protective measures to Third Parties as appropriate and available, taking into account the role of the third party and the nature of any contractual relationship with the university.