George Mason University

If You Are Accused

At Mason, reports of sexual misconduct are taken seriously. If you or a friend have been accused, resources are available to help you understand your rights and process what may have happened. 

We all need support in times of crisis. Friends can find it hard to know what to do if someone close to them is accused of sexual misconduct. 

If a friend has been accused:
Listen to your friend's point of view.
Accept your friend as a person, even if you have questions about his or her behavior.
Provide an atmosphere of trust, so that your friend can express honest feelings.
Help your friend find options for dealing with emotions and the situation.
Let your friend make the ultimate decision about what to do.
Realize that you also may be affected and seek counseling if necessary. 


Resources for the Accused:

Title IX Coordinator

The University Title IX Coordinator is responsible for processes involving Title IX complaints, including sexual misconduct. 

Dr. Jennifer R. Hammat

Office of the Ombudsman

The Office of the Ombudsman is a resource for informal, confidential and off-the-record problem solving, to help the student community efficiently address their university-related concerns.

As a confidential, neutral, and non-judgmental environment, the Office of the Ombudsman is available to help students explore strategies for problem solving.

The office offers informal dispute-resolution services, helps connect you with resources, and helps you think through your options, so you can make informed decisions. 

The Office of the Ombudsman operates independently of any formal channels.

Contact the Ombudsman: 

J. Fernando Caetano
Northeast Module II, Room 104
4590 University Drive
Fairfax, Virginia 22030
Phone: 703-993-3306

Office of Student Conduct

Responsible for resolving allegations of misconduct under the Code of Student Conduct, including sexual misconduct.

Dr. Brent Ericson

Student Health Services

Student Health provides medical care to Mason students. 

Fairfax Campus • SUB 1, Suite 2300  • (703) 993-2831  

Arlington Campus  • Founders Hall, B 102  • (703) 993-4863 

Science and Technology Campus  • Senator Colgan Hall, Room 229  • (703) 993-8374 

Student Support and Advocacy Center

The Student Support and Advocacy Center provides a safe space in which to meet the needs of our clients and will make every effort to preserve your privacy. Information may be shared by members of the staff, so that we may better serve you and provide the services you request and/or require.

SSAC Office

Counseling and Psychological Services

Counseling and Psychological Services provides a wide range of free services to students, faculty, and staff. Services are provided by a staff of professional clinical psychologists, social workers, counselors, learning specialists, and psychiatric providers.

To schedule an appointment, call 703-993-2380