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New Endowed Professorship Established by Shari Arison

July 10, 2013

By Tara Laskowski

"Communitas." Photo by Alexis Glenn

“Communitas.” Photo by Alexis Glenn

George Mason University announced the creation of the Arison Group Endowed Professor of Doing Good Values. The professorship was created with a generous donation from Shari Arison, an American-Israeli businesswoman and philanthropist.

“George Mason University is committed to making a positive difference in the global economy, and this professorship melds perfectly with the university’s mission to create a more just, free and prosperous world,” says Mason’s President Ángel Cabrera. “It will help strengthen our goals to create innovative teaching practices and research that not only encourage people to think in different ways, but also make them better citizens and professionals.”

Arison, listed by Forbes as one of the World’s Greenest Billionaires, repeatedly ranked as one of Forbes Most Powerful Women and a member of The B Team global initiative, explains: “The Doing Good Model is all about making the circles of good grow in the world. It captures the approach of making a positive difference, bringing fundamental values into the hearts of people, communities, businesses and organizations. This model, and the academic research involved, practically bridge between values and organizational structures to enable decision-making processes to be foremost values-based, for the benefit of society, the economy and the environment.”

The Arison professor will be located in George Mason’s New Century College within the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and will be dedicated to research and education that focuses on the application of fundamental human values to global business and a strong global “moral economy.”

“The Arison professorship complements New Century College’s mission of preparing students to address pressing social questions and global challenges,” says Lisa Gring-Pemble, associate dean of New Century College. “Upon graduation, our students embody many of the Arison values — they are engaged, well-rounded leaders, committed to creating a more just world through work in business enterprises, law, government, medicine, education and nonprofits, among others.”

Shari Arison is the owner of the Arison Group, a global conglomerate of businesses and philanthropic organizations that operate to improve lives worldwide through values-based investments. Its business arm, Arison Investments, includes companies in the fields of finance, infrastructure and real estate, renewable energy, salt and water, which create long-term business investments combining substantial financial results with sustainable moral responsibility. The Ted Arison Family Foundation, its philanthropic arm, comprises philanthropic organizations and vision ventures that are committed to making impactful social investments and strategic philanthropy. Shari Arison directs her businesses to maintain a diversified portfolio of ventures that have moral responsibility at their core.