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Mysterious G-Men Pump Up Patriot Pride

March 6, 2012

By Erin Cushing

Look! Up there in the stands: Are they Patriots? Are they fans?

The answer is they’re both — rolled into one exuberant bodysuit-and-wig-wearing group: the G-Men. These five students have transformed themselves into Mason superheroes, and the administration is happy to support them in their mission of whipping crowds into a frenzy of Patriot pride at sporting events.

In their bodysuits and wacky headgear, the G-Men can't be missed. Creative Services photo

They operate by spreading enthusiasm at as many home sporting events as they can, passing out high-fives to the crowd and cheering loudly from the stands. Their unusual outfits — black or green-and-gold bodysuits emblazoned with the Mason logo, curly wigs, sunglasses and green-and-gold beads — stand out amongst the crowd.

They also keep up a healthy presence on Facebook and Twitter. However, like most superheroes, they keep their true identities a secret, operating under aliases. The members of the G-Men, all of them original founders, are only known by these monikers: El Presidente, Cornelius, Elwood, Zorro and Papa Georgio.

When asked about the need for secrecy, the members state, “We feel that we can perform up to our most potential while remaining anonymous.” By doing so, they embody every student at Mason, they explain.

They even speak as one, answering questions through email rather than by telephone or in person, in part to protect their identities, and also to promote their message of community and pride at Mason. They explain in an email, “We went with the bodysuits because we wanted to stand out and support Mason school pride as much as possible.”

The approach has worked: “We’ve become pretty good at photo ops,” they say.

The G-Men, which began informally, are sponsored by the Office of Student Involvement. Even though they are now an official school group, their mission remains the same: to support Mason by getting the crowd as excited as possible at events. They do not limit their appearances to sports; they are always on the lookout for new events or activities to attend.

“We love getting requests to be places to help promote other student organizations at Mason,” they say.

Like all superheroes, the G-Men know they cannot continue on indefinitely; they must one day graduate and move on. So students who have an abundance of Patriot pride could be recruited to join this elite force for school spirit.

Visit the G-Men on Facebook or Twitter to see where they’re headed next and support their mission. To apply to become part of the G-Men, fill out the application form.