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Janice Lee-Beverly Is Named February 2012 Employee of the Month

January 25, 2012

By Erin Cushing

Janice Lee-Beverly. Photo by Erin Cushing

Assisting prospective nurses in navigating their academic and career paths is a challenging role at any institution. Luckily for the students in Mason’s School of Nursing, they have administrative assistant Janice Lee-Beverly to help them.

Lee-Beverly’s professionalism and flexibility in performing several different roles are major reasons why she was named February’s Employee of the Month.

In addition to assisting students and faculty in the School of Nursing, Lee-Beverly is instrumental in supporting the school’s admissions process, completing background checks, tracking applications, sending out letters of acceptance and setting up initial advising sessions.

Her involvement with new students does not end when they are accepted into the university; she is responsible for sending introductory letters and important course information to newly accepted students and their clinical preceptors, often helping to create the first impression of the program these students have.

This is a task she takes seriously. Her nominators consistently cite her cheerfulness and eagerness to assist students and faculty members with questions or challenges.

“She makes everyone feel truly welcome in her interaction with students, staff and faculty members,” says nominator Elizabeth Chong, associate professor.

In addition to her regular duties, Lee-Beverly has taken on additional roles to assist the School of Nursing. As education support specialist, she acts as liaison between the school, preceptors and training sites. She helps ensure that students’ information is up to date so they can rotate through health care facilities and private practices to acquire the experience they need to be successful. This task is particularly demanding since the School of Nursing operates on both the Fairfax and Prince William Campuses.

Regarding her nomination as Employee of the Month, Lee-Beverly says, “I was totally caught off guard, surprised and truly grateful. There’s nothing greater in the world than when somebody on the team does something good and everybody gathers around to pat them on the back.”

Despite her busy schedule with the School of Nursing, Lee-Beverly also makes time to take classes at Mason for a bachelor’s degree.

President Alan Merten will present Lee-Beverly with the award on Wednesday, Feb. 1, at 11:30 a.m. in his office in Mason Hall, Room 103. Friends, family and co-workers are encouraged to attend.