Mason Expert Invited to White House To Talk Climate Change

By Michele McDonald

Ed Maibach

Ed Maibach

George Mason University professor Edward Maibach will be speaking to health professionals and political leaders at the White House on Tuesday afternoon as part of the White House Public Health and Climate Change Summit.

He’ll be part of the panel “Actionable Information for Prevention: From Science to Social Media.”

Maibach is the director of the Mason-based Center for Climate Change Communication. This influential center tracks public perception about climate change, is cited internationally and has played a key role in educating the nation’s weathercasters about the impact of climate change.

“Our research consistently shows that the vast majority of Americans strongly support moving away from fossil fuel-based energy and toward clean renewable energy such as solar, wind and geothermal,” Maibach said. “Americans feel so strongly about clean renewable energy––regardless of their political party or belief in climate change — because they understand that dirty fuel fouls our air and water, and harms our health, especially the health of children, the elderly, the poor, and people with chronic illnesses.”

The “actionable information” is clear, he said.

“Therefore, action item #1 is to use public policy to accelerate the transition from dirty energy to clean energy as soon as possible,” Maibach said.