Message from President Cabrera regarding changes to Title IX

Dear Patriots,

Last Friday, the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) rescinded Title IX guidance issued under the previous administration on how colleges and universities must address campus sexual misconduct and released new interim guidance.    

We are currently evaluating this new guidance to better understand what it means for our community and we will discuss our recommended course of action with the Board of Visitors at the Oct. 12 meeting. We will also lend our voice to the review process by the Department of Education as new guidance is considered.

To be clear, none of these regulatory changes affect in any way Mason’s firm commitment to creating a safe campus environment where every student can thrive. We are unwavering in our effort to combat sexual violence and to support victims in any way we can.

Together we have pledged to eradicate sexual violence on our campuses, and I count on every member of our community to actively engage to ensure that we do.


Ángel Cabrera