New public safety mobile app available to Mason community

George Mason University is committed to providing a safe environment for students, faculty and staff. As part of that commitment, George Mason’s Department of Police and Public Safety, and its Environmental Health and Safety Office encourage the university community to download the Rave Guardian App, an addition to the Mason Alert emergency notification system.

Rave Guardian is a smartphone app that improves communication and safety across the university campuses. This application allows users to quickly and conveniently contact Mason Police and relay their location. Rave Guardian is available for download for free from the iTunes Store and the Google Play store.

Within the application, users have the option of creating a safety profile and establishing a network of “guardians”—friends, family and Mason Police who will serve as a virtual safety escort while the user is traveling on campus.

For instance, when a user activates a safety timer from the app, designated guardians will be alerted if the user does not check in within a specified time. Guardians are also notified when a user reaches his or her intended destination. From the main screen, users can contact Mason Police, which will automatically relay the user’s location to a monitor in the Mason Police Dispatch Center, or the closest 911 center.

Users can also send a tip to Mason Police through the app. The tip can include photos or text, and be sent anonymously or not. The app also allows the sender to communicate with Mason Police by text message.

The app will also relay all Mason Alert messages to users who enable push notifications.

Rave Guardian replaces the Crisis Manager (formerly In Case of Crisis) emergency preparedness app. Users may continue to use the In Case of Crisis app, but content and contact information updates are no longer supported.

Everyone in our community can play a part in promoting public safety by notifying Mason Police of suspicious activity, potentially dangerous situations, and concens about the welfare of our community members.

For more information about George Mason University’s emergency management programs, please visit or contact Environmental Health and Safety at 703-993-8448 or