Malcolm Gladwell praises David Weisburd's research

New York Times best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell cited research by George Mason University Distinguished Professor David Weisburd in a keynote speech at the University of Miami’s Real Estate Impact Conference in February.

In addition to calling Weisburd “probably one of the most important criminologists of the 20th century,” Gladwell used Weisburd’s research on policing crime hot spots to examine psychological and sociological implications of buildings, streets and neighborhoods.

Weisburd is also the executive director of the Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy.

Previewing some ideas from his forthcoming book, Gladwell addressed the importance of place in driving decision making and suggested that prodding people to do things in places they are not comfortable will not work easily.

Gladwell’s speech begins at 9 minutes; his discussion of Weisburd’s research begins at the 13-minute mark.