Stacy D’Angelo is March Employee of the Month

March Employee of the Month Stacy D'Angelo (center) with Mason President Anne Holton and Kevin Stoy, a representative of the Employee of the Month selection committee. Photo by Lathan Goumas/Office of Communications and Marketing.

Stacy D’Angelo had less than a month last summer to coordinate George Mason University’s involvement in the biggest community celebration in Northern Virginia. But she wasn’t scared. It’s exactly what she does.

D’Angelo is a marketing coordinator in Mason’s Office of Communications and Marketing, where she, in her own words, “helps to manage external partnerships and build collaborations within the university community to increase the visibility of Mason to the public.”

D’Angelo, who has worked at Mason since November 2018, organized and coordinated Mason’s involvement in last year’s Celebrate Fairfax event, which hosted tens of thousands of visitors over three days. She directed dozens of volunteers, oversaw setup and takedown of Mason’s elaborate booth, and tirelessly staffed the booth for hours each day. And she managed the entire venture with less than a month’s notice.

For her demonstration of community spirit, boundless optimism and collaborative skills, D’Angelo has been named March Employee of the Month.

“I really enjoy putting events like [Celebrate Fairfax] together,” D’Angelo said. “It’s amazing to see how, even with so little time to prepare, people came together to pull it off.”

“Stacy grabbed the ball and ran with it,” said Lisa Hitt, a web content strategist in the office of Communications and Marketing. “After working all weekend, she came into the office Monday bubbling with ideas about how to make next year even better.”

Eric Woodall, the associate vice president of marketing, praised the work ethic and enthusiasm D’Angelo demonstrated in her role in the Celebrate Fairfax fair.

“Short turn-around? No problem. Finding 40 volunteers on the weekend? In the summer? No problem,” Woodall said, adding that D’Angelo “approached every task with an unwavering smile and positive attitude.”

How she got here:

After having my son, I was working in Washington, D.C., when I realized the commute was taking away a lot of my time with him. During my job search, the most important factors were the potential for professional development and the value of a work/life balance. Having only heard great things about working for Mason, I was determined to find a position that fit my skill set.

Best day on the job:

Honestly, I’ve had a lot of them, and I say that with sincerity. I’m a people person and Mason provides me with the opportunity to meet fascinating people on a regular basis. The desire to collaborate is out there, and it’s exciting when I encounter that energy.

What she likes best about working at Mason:

I love that no two days are the same and that I’m always learning. Also, I’m constantly meeting new people and building relationships. The people I work with are really what makes Mason a fantastic place to be. I’m also really appreciative of the opportunity to serve on the Staff Senate, and I do not take the role lightly.

What she does when not working:

You’ll find me spending time with my husband and 3-year-old son, crafting, baking, playing games, and exploring new things.