Business Process Toolkit available through MasonLEAPS

University Business Consulting has created a Business Process Toolkit to enable units across George Mason University to perform process improvement activities.

Improving operations and revising procedures that previously required in-person processing will be an important part of the university’s financial and operational health as telework continues and budgets are revised due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Toolkit is intended to provide units with the guidance and tools necessary to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of operations by identifying, documenting and streamlining processes, while eliminating processes, policies and procedures that are unclear, redundant or outdated.

This detailed step-by-step guide includes information, guidance, training and resources to help unit supervisors and leaders assess their current state of operations, map current processes and adapt these processes to identify and eventually implement the desired improvements.

Department heads, unit leaders or supervisors will let you know if you should manage the toolkit for your working group.

This Business Process Toolkit is available in MasonLEAPS by searching for “business process toolkit.” University Business Consulting is available to support units as they implement the Toolkit, or to provide coaching support to answer any questions throughout the process. Please reach out to the team for support at, or directly to Director Whitney Owen at