The Complete List of Members of the Anti-Racism and Inclusive Excellence (ARIE) Task Force

Anti-Racism Inclusive Excellence


“George Mason University will become a national exemplar in anti-racism inclusive excellence.”


Task Force Chairs

Wendi Manuel-Scott – Associate Professor (CHSS)

Shernita Parker – Assistant Vice President for Human Resources

Task Force Members

Ignacia Moreno – Board of Visitor’s member

Zofia Burr – Dean, Honors College

Shelby Adams – President of Student Government (UG)

Laurence Bray - Associate Provost for Graduate Education

Van Bailey – Assistant Dean, Director of Diversity and Inclusion (UL

Christopher Carr – Chief Diversity Officer (VSE)

Charles Chavis – Asst. Professor of Conflict Resolution and History (Carter School)  

Shannon Davis – Faculty Senate Chair

Elizabeth DeMulder – Professor and Academic Program Coordinator (CEHD

Na’ama Gold – Executive Director, Mason Hillel

Nance Lucas – Executive Director, Center for the Advancement of Well-Being  

Creston Lynch – Associate Dean (UL)

Holly Mason – Coordinator of Graduate Programs Admissions & Fiscal Management

Christy Pichichero – Associate Professor & Director of Faculty Diversity (CHSS)

Lauren Reuscher – Community Manager, University Information, (Communications)

Millie Rivera – Director of Diversity & Inclusion (FA&D)

Kevin Rockmann – Professor of Management (Business)

Craig Sawyer – Director, Corley Institute for Diversity and Inclusion Education (Law)

Bethany Usher – Associate Professor for Undergraduate Education

Gerald Weatherspoon – Chair, Chemistry and Biology (COS)

Mariely Lopez-Santanna – Associate Professor (Schar)

Rachel Wernicke – Chief Mental Health Officer (UL)

Ayondela McDole – Graduate Student

Robyn Madar – Director, Organizational Development and Learning (HR)

Cynthia Fuchs – Interim Director, Film and Video Studies (CVPA)

Rebekah Hersch – Interim Vice President for Research and Innovation  

Emily Ihara – Associate Professor and Chair (CHSS)

Nena Rogers – Sr. Associate Director, Student Services (Athletics)

Tehama Lopez-Bunyasi – Assistant Professor (Carter School)

Lauren Cattaneo – Associate Professor (CHSS)

Gesele Durham – Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness and Planning

Bill Dracos – Associate Vice President for Business Services


Anti-Racism Inclusive Excellence Committees

Training & Development: The Training & Development committee’s charge is to enhance, develop, recommend, and integrate anti-racism and inclusive excellence training. Currently, implicit bias and anti-discrimination training occurs in various units within the university. This committee should work with the Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution, as well as University Life, to assist schools and units with tailored training and workshops to meet individualized needs.      

Committee  Co-chairs:  

Christopher Carr - Chief Diversity Officer (VSE)

Robyn Madar - Director, Organizational Development and Learning (HR)

Charles Chavis - Asst. Professor of Conflict Resolution and History (Carter School)    

Committee Members  

Millie Rivera - Director of Diversity & Inclusion (FA&D)

Kyle Warfield- Equal Opportunity Specialist (CDE)

Khaseem Davis-Director, Early Identification Program (UL)

Julie Owen-Assoc. Professor, Leadership and Integrated Studies (CHSS)

Jennifer Shelton (alum)

Brandi Blake- Assistant Director, Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Multicultural Education (staff)

Hamal Strayhorn - Director, Coalition Building and Diversity Education (UL)


Campus & Community Engagement: The Campus & Community Engagement committee is charged with developing, implementing, and supporting programs that promote access, diversity, equity, and inclusion through campus and community partnerships. This committee will establish guidance for engaging the university and broader communities in the ARIE work. Further, it will leverage Mason’s unique position in Northern Virginia and the National Capital Region to recommend and implement strategies that create long-term and sustainable change at Mason and our surrounding communities.

Committee Co-chairs

Creston Lynch-Associate Dean (UL) 

Elizabeth DeMulder- Professor and Academic Program Coordinator (CEHD

Nance Lucas- Executive Director, Center for the Advancement of Well-Being  

Committee Members  

Hansel Aguilar-Graduate Student (CHSS)

Jesse Guessford- Associate Director, Undergraduate Education 

Colby Grant- Operations Coordinator, SciTec (staff) 

Michael Guston- Police LT., Police & Public Safety 

Kerin Hilker-Balkissoon- Director, Educational & Career Pathways (COS) 

Kimberly Holmes- Associate Dean for Student Affairs (CHHS) 

Sheherazade Jafari-Director, Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution

Kristin Johnsen-Neshati- Associate Professor (CVPA) 

George Oberle - History Librarian (University Libraries) 

Lisa Snyder- Associate Director, Leadership Education and Development (UL)

Janae Johnson (alum)

Julie Choe Kim- Director, Graduate Student Life (UL)

Dann Sklarew- Director Sustainability Initiatives


University Policies and Practices: The university policies and practices committee is charged with identifying systemic inequities within Mason’s policies, practices, processes, and procedures to enable needed change.  The committee will develop and implement an action plan for achieving meaningful, long-term structural change and accountability throughout the university community. 

Committee Co-chairs

Christy Pichichero - Associate Professor & Director of Faculty Diversity (CHSS)

Millie Rivera- Director of Diversity & Inclusion (FA&D)

Cheryl Druehl- Associate Dean of Faculty (Business)

Committee Members  

Juliet Blank Godlove- Dean of Students (UL)

Christopher Carr - Chief Diversity Officer (VSE)

Susan Hirsch- Professor (Carter)

Joshua Kinchen- Associate Director of LGBTQ+ Resources, ODIME (staff) 

Michelle Lim- Assistant VP (HR)

Dan Taggert – Director, Human Resources and Employee Relations (COS) 

Xiaomei Cao – (Faculty Senate rep)

Tiffany O’Neal- Assistive Technology Program Support Specialist (CDE)

Zavin Smith (alum)  


Curriculum & Pedagogy:  The curriculum and pedagogy committee is charged with recommending, helping to develop, and/or expanding current curriculum that prepare students to not only understand and address systemic racism and values a multi-cultural world,  But also a curriculum that is in intentionally inclusive of the diverse scholars and voices that contribute to the academy.

Committee Co-chairs

Lauren Cattaneo- Associate Professor (CHSS) 

Tehama Lopez-Bunyasi- Assistant Professor (Carter School)

Van Bailey- Assistant Dean, Director of Diversity and Inclusion (UL) 

Committee Members  

LaNitra Berger- Senior Director, Office of Fellowship (UG Ed);

LaTisha Elcock- Administrative Assistant, Kellar Institute for Human disAbilities (staff)

Melissa Broeckelman-Post- Director, Basic Course/Faculty, Communication (CHSS)

Al Fuertes – Associate Professor (CHSS)

Mark Hopson- Director, African and African American Studies (CHSS) 

Shelley Reid- Director for Teaching Excellence (Stearns Center) 

Derek Sweetman- Graduate Student Lecturer (CHSS, Carter School)

Kristen Wright- Director of Civic Engagement (UG Ed)

Kelly Knight – Professor/STEM Accelerator (COS);


Student Voice: Students often experience racism and bigotry in the university setting differently than faculty and staffWhile students will be included on the larger taskforce, the student voice committee will allow for more input from student leaders from across the university on the student experience and campus climate. Student voices will support and enhance the work of the ARIE and share the task force work with their constituencies. Additionally, the student voice committee will participate in a student engagement campaign and provide input into additional faculty/staff training beyond curriculum and pedagogy.

Committee Co-Chairs

Shelby Adams - President, Student Government (undergraduate student)

Rose Pascarell- Vice President, University Life

Committee Members

Austin A. Deray -Doctoral Candidate

Sharrell Hassell-Goodman -Doctoral Candidate

Joshua Miller- Undergraduate Student

Tamyra Washington – Undergraduate Student

Kat Trejo – Undergraduate Student

Avery Ransome – Undergraduate Student

James Condo- Vice President Pride Alliance

Deion Maith- President of Collegiate Black Men

Domonique Dowling- Vice President, NAACP

Nautia Smalls- Student Government

Yessica Tello- President, Hispanic Student Association

Justin Suegay - Former President-APAC

Paola Choque Villarroel- Hispanic Student Association


Research: The research committee will promote an inclusive community that advances the meaningful contributions of diverse perspectives and views to the research, scholarship and creative activities of the campus community. This committee will establish guidelines and work with colleges and schools to promote diversity and inclusion in all areas of research​, scholarship and creative activities across campus. Additionally, they are charged with establishing programs, opportunities and formal mentorships to increase historically underrepresented candidates. Finally, the committee will look at Mason's engagement in innovation and economic development activities to ensure that inclusive excellence is core to the entrepreneurship and economic development activities.

Committee Chairs

Laurence Bray- Associate Provost for Graduate Education

Rebekah Hersch – Interim Vice President for Research and Innovation  

Committee  Members 

Ben Carton- Associate Professor (CHSS) 

Toya Frank- Associate Professor (CEHD)

Rosemary Higgins- Associate Dean for Research (CHHS) 

John Hollis – Communications Officer (staff) 

Aditya Johri – Professor, Information Sciences & Technology (VSE) 

Jessica Kallista - Founder/Curator/Art Instigator (CVPA)

Jessica Rosenberg- Associate Professor (COS) 

Michele Schwietz - Associate Dean for Research (CHSS) 

Paula Sorrell - Associate Vice President, Office of Research

Bonnie Stabile - Research Associate Professor (Schar)