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A Statement from George Mason University

November 14, 2016

Recently, a George Mason admissions employee made political comments on a private social media account, which were later shared publicly by a media website. 

The views expressed by the employee were his own personal views, not the views of the university. For the university’s views, please see President Cabrera’s letter to the Mason community on Nov. 10.

Mason is absolutely committed to ensuring the integrity of the university’s admissions process. In addition, Mason is committed to fostering a culture of inclusion throughout our community. Our students, faculty and staff bring a wide range of political and social points of view to our campus, and we are stronger for that diversity of thought.

Under Mason’s admissions process, no individual employee has sole discretion over any admission decision.  All admission decisions go through a multi-step review process to make sure they are made on a similar set of academic criteria. Decisions are monitored for consistency and compared with other decisions made by other reviewers, including in some cases, by a 14-person application review committee. Any attempt by an admissions employee to influence an admission decision, positively or negatively, because of personal bias would be detected. Any such attempt would not be tolerated and would be met with swift action.