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Energy and Enterprise Initiative Launched at George Mason University

July 10, 2012

Former Congressman Bob Inglis (R-SC4) to lead nationwide public engagement campaign

FAIRFAX, Va., July 10,2012George Mason University announced today the formation of the Energy and Enterprise Initiative (E&EI), a nationwide public engagement campaign led by former Congressman Bob Inglis that will explore and promote conservative solutions to America’s energy and climate challenges.  E&EI will operate from Mason’s Center for Climate Change Communication (4C).

The initiative, according to its mission, will be “guided by conservative principles of free enterprise and economic growth, limited government, liberty, accountability and reasonable risk avoidance.” Committed to developing real solutions, E&EI will also critique policy prescriptions that expand government and hinder free enterprise.

E&EI will sponsor policy papers from conservative scholars, students and activists.  It will partner with conservative thought leaders, businesses, and other organizations to host panels, conduct outreach, and voice the case for conservative leadership on energy and climate. E&EI will convene forums around the country that bring together economists, national security experts, climate scientists and interested citizens to explore the power of free enterprise to solve the nation’s energy and climate challenges. 

“Congressman Inglis has a unique and important point of view — that free enterprise is the best answer to our nation’s intertwined energy and climate challenges,” said Ed Maibach, director of 4C. “We hope to learn a lot about public understanding of these issues by studying how the public responds to E&EI’s public engagement initiatives.”

 “We want our students and our researchers to be involved in the key policy questions of our times,” said Jack Censer, dean of Mason’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences. “Bob Inglis provides a highly informed and interesting perspective regarding climate change, and we are excited to have him on campus.” 

In its pre-announcement phase, E&EI has already sponsored a lecture by Art Laffer, President Reagan’s economics advisor, at the Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University; convened a panel at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business; and, dispatched Inglis to speak to College Republicans, Federalist Societies and other student groups at the University of Michigan, Notre Dame University, University of Chicago, Columbia University Law School, NYU Law School, Duke University, MIT, Georgetown University, and UCLA Law School, among others.

Inglis has just completed a four-state road show, speaking to American Legion Boys and Girls State delegations in Nevada, Oregon, Kentucky and North Carolina about leadership, energy and free enterprise.  

“Conservatives have the answer to our energy and climate challenge,” Inglis said. “It’s about correcting market distortions and setting the economics right. We need to stop retreating in denial and start stepping forward in the competition of ideas.”

Joining Inglis will be Director of Strategy and Operations Alex Bozmoski. Bozmoski comes to E&EI from a background of conservative activism, GOP campaigning, and entrepreneurship focused on the design and implementation of rural energy projects in Africa. 

Inglis was elected to the U.S. Congress in 1992, having never run for office before. He represented Greenville-Spartanburg, South Carolina, from 1993-1999, unsuccessfully challenged Democratic U.S. Senator Fritz Hollings in 1998, and won re-election to Congress in 2005, serving through 2010.  His conservative record in Congress earned a 93 American Conservative Union rating, 100 percent with the Christian Coalition, 100 percent with National Right to Life, “A” with the National Rifle Association, and 0 percent with the Americans for Democratic Action.

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