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Rosemary Brown is December Employee of the Month

December 7, 2018   /   by Lydia Antonio-Vila

Rosemary Brown, receiving her award from Mason President Ángel Cabrera, has worked remotely for the School of Business since 2014. Photo by Rachel Chasin.

Rosemary Brown, a human resources and reports manager in George Mason University’s School of Business, is so good at her job that the university allows her to work full-time remotely—from San Antonio, Texas.

Brown, a military spouse, is being honored as Mason’s December Employee of the Month.

“I’m so appreciative and grateful that Mason and the School of Business are supportive of military spouses,” said Brown, whose husband, Randall, is stationed in San Antonio and is a U.S. Army colonel with the 505th Military Intelligence Brigade. “They have a great understanding of my work-life needs.”

Brown came to Mason in January 2012 after she attended a career fair for military spouses in Washington, D.C. She ended up getting a part-time job as a talent acquisition assistant with Human Resources and Payroll. A year later, she transitioned to the School of Business and began working remotely in 2014.

Her move to San Antonio was her second during her time at Mason—a stop in Illinois came first—as she and her family followed her husband’s assignments.

Despite that “she has continued to provide her extraordinary level of work regardless of the time zone or state to which the family has moved,” said Diane Vermaaten, assistant dean for finance and operations in the School of Business.

Brown said that, because of her remote location, she never expected to receive the Employee of the Month award.

“I was actually off at a doctor’s appointment with my daughter, and the head of our team called me and told me to check my emails,” Brown said. “It was the best reason to check my email when I was on a day off because my inbox was flooded with congratulations.

“This award makes me feel so appreciated,” she added, “just some small words of encouragement for everything I do. To me, they’re motivational and uplifting.”

Best day on the job:

My best day was probably when I was offered the classified position because I was already in Illinois. That the School of Business was willing to offer me a classified position as a remote worker, knowing that I’m still going to be moving, made me feel supported. Having that job security was very very nice.

What she likes best about working at Mason:

I do like that Mason is very supportive of the whole work-life program, and there are many options out there for employees. Mason does a very good job of taking care of their employees.

What she likes doing when not working:

When I’m not working, I normally read and work on crafts. Most of the time our family tries to explore as much of the area that we’re in because we’re only in that area for such a short while.