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February Employee of the Month: David Algert

February 5, 2019   /   by Claire Underwood

David Algert, receiving his award from Mason President Ángel Cabrera, is working to create a system to prevent fall hazards for university maintenance personnel and contractors.

David Algert, an occupational safety officer in George Mason University’s Environmental Health and Safety Office, has been interested in solving safety issues since he was in high school and a volunteer firefighter in Stafford, Virginia.

After obtaining a degree in fire and safety management from Eastern Kentucky University, he worked in the private and public sectors for eight years, performing safety inspections. He came to Mason six years ago, working first in Facilities Management before joining EHS in 2014.

“I really enjoy being out in the field due to the variety of the work,” Algert said. “Every day is different; we work with occupational safety, addressing hazards around campus, training new employees and doing safety inspections. I really enjoy working with the many different departments on campus.”

Since 2016, Algert has worked to create a system to prevent fall hazards for university maintenance personnel and contractors. This is an extremely important undertaking given that 36.5 percent of workplace deaths are caused by falls, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Algert’s system, which is designed to prevent workers from falling from extreme heights such as rooftops, includes guardrails, safety harnesses, lanyards and warning lines to mark unsafe areas.

Algert has spent much time during the past two years training new employees to be prepared for workplace dangers and to properly use safety equipment.

“The steps taken by Mr. Algert have greatly improved safety for university employees and contractors, and we are very appreciative of his outstanding work, his commitment to excellence and his superb customer service,” said Frank Strike, vice president of Mason Facilities.

What he likes best about working at Mason:

The variety in the type of work that happens on campus provides new and unique challenges within the safety field. I enjoy working with the many different departments.

Best day on the job:

The day EHS offered me a position was definitely the best day on the job.

What he likes doing when not working:

I enjoy spending time outdoors with my son. We like to do pretty much anything to get outside, like hiking, going to the park, throwing a ball. I like to do anything to get his energy out.