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Paving her own way at Mason

April 1, 2019   /   by Mary Lee Clark

Lapid graduates from George Mason University this May with an already impressive resume that includes working at Adobe Inc. and Paramount Pictures. Photo by Lathan Goumas.

Lauren Lapid knows she’s had good luck, but she also knows luck favors the bold and those who work hard. 

Lapid graduates from George Mason University this May with an already impressive resume that includes working in Hollywood and the Silicon Valley, as well as building a diverse set of skills in business and graphic design. She knew she could clear the path to achieve her goals at Mason. 

Lapid comes to Virginia from Orange County, California, where as a first-generation Asian-American, she said she felt very culturally represented and comfortable. Leaving her home state was not part of her original college plan. That changed when she came to Mason the first time for the Washington Journalism and Media Conference.  

“What I found about Mason that I really enjoyed was that Mason is very ethnically diverse and that's something I really prioritized in looking for a school," Lapid said. 

Lapid originally planned to attend an art institute, but chose Mason instead to diversify her skillset beyond creative design and surround herself with a diverse group of students. 

She did just that. In addition to her degree in art and visual technology, she is pursuing a minor in business. Lapid is also an Honors College student, which, she said, helped her hone her critical thinking and research skills. 

“One day I want to be creative director of a company and in order to do so I need to understand how campaigns work, I need to understand how businesses function and run and what businesses value,” said Lapid. “But I also need to be able to write. That is such an important skill that a lot of people forget about. Writing is so crucial to any job" 

Her passion and drive went beyond the Fairfax Campus. She spent her summers twice as an intern at Adobe Inc. in Silicon Valley and once as an intern at Paramount Pictures in Hollywood, where she designed marketing promotions for movies such as “Transformers: The Last Knight.”

“[Graphic designers are] visual storytellers. We're finding ways to communicate things that are going to resonate with people and help people understand,” said Lapid. “For me, working on movies just felt like such a great fit, and I had a blast doing it."

When she did manage to find free time, Lapid said she used as much time as she could to explore East Coast cities such as Washington, D.C., New York, Philadelphia and Richmond. 

"There is so much great transportation, whether it's a bus or a train, to visit the East Coast from D.C,” said Lapid. “It's been really fun in that aspect just in terms of traveling and exploring new places.”

Lapid decided to stay on the East Coast. After graduation she will work for the global communications consultancy Ketchum in New York City as a digital designer and strategist.