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May 15: Patriot Tiger Team Report on Fall 2020 Options

May 15, 2020

The Patriot Tiger team members have submitted their report to Provost Ginsberg and Senior Vice President Kissal. It contains an analysis to guide decision-making for fall 2020. 

Report cover

The Patriot Tiger Team on AY2021 was formed to consider options and formulate specific recommendations with respect to Mason’s programs, activities and operations for AY2021.

The team was asked to prepare and present a report to the Executive Council by May 8, 2020. The Patriot Tiger Team was asked to consider:

  • The instructional and research programs of the university.
  • Administrative and necessary infrastructure functions.
  • Housing and university life issues.
  • Activities and events. Facilities and university services. Fiscal implications and economic impact.
  • Brand and reputational impact.
  • Other critical and pertinent university functions related to the operation of the university.

At the launch of the process, the Patriot Tiger Team pledged to put the health, safety, and well-being of the Mason community at the forefront in its analysis of all options.

This principle will guide Mason’s planning for AY2021 and will be balanced with fulfilling the university’s mission and economic realities of maintaining operations.

Read the report.