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March 2012 Accolades

March 1, 2012

Accolades is a monthly column that recognizes the latest achievements of Mason faculty and staff members.

The next Accolades column will be published on Monday, April 2. The deadline for submissions is Monday, March. 26. Send news to


Barry Freese, Technology Systems Division, Information Technology Unit (ITU), was named the March 2012 ITU Employee of the Month.

Alan G. Merten, president, was named to the Advisory Board of MorganFranklin Corporation, a business and technology consulting firm based in McLean, Va.

College of Education and Human Development

Jatin P. Ambegaonkar, Nelson Cortes and Shruti J. Ambegaonkar, with colleagues published “Ankle Stabilizers Affect Agility but Not Vertical Jump or Dynamic Balance Performance” in Foot and Ankle Specialist, 4(6), 366–72. Jatin P. Ambegaonkar and colleagues published “Development of a Dynamometer Anchoring System for Collection of Maximal Voluntary Isometric Contractions in Biomechanics Research on Dancers” in Medical Problems of Performing Artists, 26(4), 185–194. Jatin P. Ambegaonkar and colleagues published “Injury Reporting Rates and Injury Concealment Patterns Differ Between High-School Cirque Performers and Basketball Players” in Medical Problems of Performing Artists, 26(4), 200–205. Jatin P. Ambegaonkar and Shane V. Caswell published “Development and Implementation of an In-House Healthcare Program for University-Level Performing Artists” in Work, 40(3), 261–8.

Betsy Levine Brown and a colleague wrote a book chapter titled “Purpose Plus: Supporting Youth Purpose, Control, and Academic Achievement,” which was published in an issue on Youth Purpose in New Directions for Youth Development.

Amanda Caswell became president of the Virginia Athletic Trainers’ Association at the group’s annual conference in January.

Shane V. Caswell was honored as the Virginia Athletic Trainers’ Association Researcher of the Year at the group’s annual conference in January.

Rita Chi-Ying Chung and Fred Bemak wrote a book titled “Social Justice Counseling: The Next Steps Beyond Multiculturalism,” which was published by Sage Publications.

Yoosun Chung delivered an invited keynote titled “Miracles Do Not Come Miraculously” at a meeting of the Delta Alpha Pi Honor Society, which recognizes the talents of students with disabilities.

Nada Dabbagh and Anastasia Kitsantas wrote an article that was published in The Internet and Higher Education, 15(1), 3–8, titled “Personal Learning Environments, Social Media, and Self-Regulated Learning: A Natural Formula for Connecting Formal and Informal Learning.”

Mark Ginsberg is one of 131 prominent education leaders who formed the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences, whose purpose is to promote cross-discipline recognition of excellence in every sector of the education field. The academy will host the Bammy Awards (organized by BAM Radio Network) to recognize and celebrate excellence in education across the field. Ginsberg has also been elected to the board of directors of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education for a three-year term.

Margo Mastropieri joined a select group of Council for Exceptional Children members who participated in a Feb. 22 meeting at the White House with leaders from the White House Domestic Policy Council and the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services. Discussion focused on President Obama’s State of the Union Address and his fiscal year 2013 budget and initiatives related to children and youth with disabilities and their families.

Joe Maxwell wrote the book, “A Realist Approach for Qualitative Research,” which was published by Sage Publications. The book argues for the value of a critical realist perspective for qualitative theory and practice.

John Reynolds, an adjunct faculty member in the School of Recreation, Health and Tourism, was honored as the Virginia Athletic Trainers’ Association Secondary Schools Athletic Trainer of the Year at the group’s annual conference in January.

Ian Rogol, an approved clinical instructor in the School of Recreation, Health and Tourism, was honored as the Virginia Athletic Trainers’ Association College/University Athletic Trainer of the Year at the group’s annual conference in January.

Anastasia P. Samaras was selected for a Fulbright Specialist grant in education at the University of Ioannina, Greece, where she will share her self-study scholarship with teacher education students and faculty.

Beverly Shaklee gave presentations on Feb. 1 and 2 to a visiting delegation of 22 high school principals who were hosted by the Center for International Education in conjunction with the Global and International Strategies Office. The presentations were titled “International Education in CEHD” and, along with Pam Baker, “Exceptional Students.”

Rob Smith and a colleague wrote two articles: “Using Program Evaluation to Support Academic Excellence,” which was published online by the Informed Educator series; and “Seeing the Whole: Seven Decision Points When You Plan a Program Evaluation in Your School District,” which was published in The School Administrator, 68(11), 34–37.

Katy Swalwell won the AERA Division B-Curriculum Studies Outstanding Dissertation of the Year award for her dissertation titled “Social Justice Pedagogy with the Suburban and Urban Elite.” Swalwell graduated last year from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and joined Mason in August.

College of Health and Human Services

Len Nichols, Center for Health Policy Research and Ethics, testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on the Budget on Feb. 29, addressing the topic “Putting Health Care Spending on a Sustainable Path.”

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Mark N. Katz, Public and International Affairs, wrote “The Moscow-Damascus Alliance: A Tangled Tale” for the Opinion page on on Feb. 9.

William J. McAuley, Professor Emeritus of Communication, received the Mildred M. Seltzer Distinguished Service Recognition from the Association for Gerontology in Higher Education for his leadership.

Rosemarie Zagarri, History and Art History, spoke on “Founding Mothers: How Women Shaped the Founding,” as part of “Teach-In, a Day with Some of the Greatest Teachers in America,” a conference on America’s founding years and constitutional heritage held at the University of Oklahoma on Feb.27.

College of Science

Susan A. Crate, Environmental Science and Policy, was appointed to the American Anthropological Association’s new nine-member Global Climate Change Task Force, which will facilitate anthropological contributions to interdisciplinary research and produce a guiding document to recognize anthropological contributions to global climate change-related issues, articulate new research directions and provide the association with actions and recommendations to support and promote anthropological investigation of these issues.

Jagadish Shukla, Atmospheric, Oceanic and Earth Sciences, is one of the winners of the Padma Shri award of India, which recognizes distinguished contributions to the country. The award ceremony will take place in India later this spring.

College of Visual and Performing Arts

Rick Davis, Hylton Performing Arts Center and Theater, directed “Barber and Barberillo,” an operatic double-bill, which was performed in January at the Source Theatre in Washington, D.C., for the In Series. He also had four of his translations of the plays of Calderón de la Barca selected for excerpting by Out of the Wings, a scholarly project on Spanish-language drama jointly administered by Oxford University, King’s College London and Queen’s College Belfast.

Susan Shields, Dance, was nominated for a Helen Hayes Award for her choreography of “STAY,” a Theater of the First Amendment production. The winners will be announced on April 23.

Robinson Professors

Spencer R. Crew, Robinson Professor of American, African American, and Public History, recorded a video about the Underground Railroad for New Jersey Public TV. He also presented “The Great Migration of African Americans: Making the ‘Color Line’ National” as part of New Mexico State University’s lecture series, Arriving in America: The Challenge of Immigrants and Minorities in Modern American History.

Robert Hazen, Robinson Professor of Earth Sciences, received the Outstanding Faculty Award, Virginia’s highest honor for educators at the state’s public and private colleges and universities, in February. He also presented a lecture on “Origins of Life” at the University of California, Davis.

Hugh Heclo, Robinson Professor of Public Affairs, presented “Ronald Reagan: The Making of a Politician” at the Seventh Annual Ronald Reagan Symposium at Regent University.

Harold Morowitz, Robinson Professor of Biology and Natural Philosophy, had his 50 years of study on the origin of life theory detailed in “Not Your Grandfather’s Origin of Life Theory” in the Santa Fe Institute Bulletin, vol. 26, 2012.

Steven Pearlstein, Robinson Professor of Public and International Affairs, spoke at Grinnell College as part of a three-day symposium on the Global Economic Crisis; made a presentation to the TiE group of local entrepreneurs at the Tower Club in Northern Virginia; and moderated a panel on jobs and the economy at a gathering of United Auto Workers, local leaders and political activists in Washington, D.C.

School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution

Sandra Cheldelin was the invited presenter at the Academic Chairpersons Annual Meeting in Orlando on Feb. 9-10. Her two half-day sessions were on “Coping and Preventing Conflict and Violence.” Cheldelin was a panelist at Howard Community College in Pennsylvania on using community conferencing as a restorative justice strategy to address serious crime, focusing on a chapter in her co-edited book, “Women Waging War and Peace.” She was an invited guest to a seminar on “The Gendered Liberal Arts? Femininity, Masculinity and the Future of Liberal Education” sponsored by the Gaede Institute at their 11th Annual Conversation on the Liberal Arts at Westmont College, Feb. 24-25.

Marc Gopin, Aziz Abu Sarah and Scott Cooper, co-owners of Medji Tours, an affiliate of Mason’s Center for World Religions, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution, met with the secretary-general of the World Tourism Organization (WTO) in Madrid, Spain. Gopin, Abu Sarah and Cooper were the winners of the First Intercultural Innovation Award, and the meeting was to kick-start the support phase of collaboration and mentorship with the WTO. The award was for their flagship project, “Dual Narrative” tour, which is an innovative approach for learning about the Middle East that highlights the different narratives of Israelis and Palestinians from a variety of cultural, political and religious backgrounds.

Karina V. Korostelina wrote a chapter, “Can History Heal the Trauma? The Role of History Education in Reconciliation Processes,” which was published in the book “Peacebuilding, Memory and Reconciliation: Bridging Top-Down and Bottom-Up Approaches,” edited by Bruno Charbonneau and Geneviève Parent.

School of Management

Jagadison Aier and Min Shen, Accounting, presented the paper “Board Term Limits and Earnings Quality” at Syracuse University.

Long Chen, Accounting, presented the paper “How Do Auditors Respond to Corporate Social Responsibility Performance?” at the National University of Singapore Research Seminar in November.

Richard Coffinberger, Management, published the article “The Supreme Court’s Recent Retaliation Ruling and the Implications for Employers” in the Mustang Journal of Law and Legal Studies.

Mikhail Pevzner, Accounting, published the article “How Do Auditors View Managers’ Voluntary Disclosure Strategy? The Effect of Earnings Guidance on Audit Fees” in the Journal of Accounting and Public Policy.

Anthony Sanders, Finance, wrote “Obama’s Mortgage Plan About Politics, Not Economics” for the Debate Club section of on Feb. 6.

Paige Wolf and Michelle Marks, Management, published the article “Short-Term Study Abroad: A Transformational Approach to Global Business Education” in the Journal of International Education in Business. Wolf also presented the paper “Promoting Critical Thinking and Active Learning in High-Enrollment Courses” at the Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference in St. Catherines, Ontario.

James Wolfe, Management, was named a finalist for the Entrepreneur Navigator of the Year Award from the Northern Virginia Technology Council.

School of Public Policy

Katrin Anacker gave a presentation titled “The Foreclosure Crisis and Its Impact on Communities of Color: Research and Solutions” for the Center for Housing Policy.

Bob Dietz was asked to serve on an American Bar Association’s subcommittee examining reform of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which governs foreign intelligence collection and dissemination.

John Earle attended the International Advisory Board meeting of the Economics Education and Research Consortium in Kyiv, Ukraine. He has worked with the EERC since 1997 to award grants and provide feedback to researchers in the former Soviet Union. Earle also gave a Presidential Address to the Association for Comparative Economic Studies on “Comparative Institutional Analysis, Economics versus Sociology, and Wage Contracts Revisited.” He gave a presentation on enterprise privatization at a conference in Vienna called “20 Years of Transition: What Did We Learn?” He gave a presentation at the Small Business Administration on “Does the SBA Create Jobs? Estimates from Universal Panel Data and Longitudinal Matching Methods.” He published a letter to the editor titled “Privatisation Deaths” in The Guardian.

Jack Goldstone co-edited the book “Political Demography: Identity, Institutions, and Conflict.”

Sonia Ketkar co-wrote “The Role of Individualism in Buyer-Supplier Relationships and Market Performance: An Analysis of Data from Brazil and the USA” in International Business Review. She also co-wrote “Does Home Country Institutional Quality Matter for Foreign Asset Divestitures” in the Journal of International Commerce, Economics and Policy and “The Impact of Macroeconomic Country-specific Factors on International Expansion of U.S. Hotel Chains” in Tourismos: An International Multidisciplinary Journal of Tourism.

Arnauld Nicogossian led the panel on “United States Space Sciences and Exploration Policy in the Next 20 Years” at the 2011 Dupont Summit on Science, Technology and Environmental Policy: Pressing Issues, Little Time.

Ramkishen Rajan and Sasidaran Gopalan co-wrote the policy brief “Comparing the Asian and Eurozone Crises: A Perspective from Asia.”

Ken Reinert wrote the textbook “An Introduction to International Economics: New Perspectives on the World Economy,” published by Cambridge University Press. He also co-wrote “The Role of Services in the Structure of Production and Trade: Stylized Facts from a Cross-Country Analysis,” a chapter in the book “The WTO and Trade in Services.”

Mark Rozell co-edited the book “Religion and the American Presidency” and participated in a panel discussion on the topic at the National Press Club. Also, he was appointed to the academic Advisory Board of the journal Athenaeum: Polish Political Science Studies.

Louise Shelley presented the keynote address “Ethics and Organizational Sustainability: Comparative Perspectives” at the International Conference on Management Cases, a joint conference between Mason’s School of Public Policy and the Birla Institute of Management, India. She also presented the keynote address “Current Situation of Human Trafficking in the World in Global Perspective” at the conference Human Trafficking in East-Asia and Japan: Current Situations and Effective Counter Measures, which was hosted by Ritsumeikan University.

Tojo Thatchenkery served as co-chair at the International Conference on Management Cases, which was jointly organized by BIMTECH and Mason’s School of Public Policy, and held in Greater Noida, India.

Anne Washington spoke at the W3C, an international organization that develops global standards for the Internet. She spoke on “Stability of Linked Open Data for Governments.” She also talked about her research on “The Semantics of Social Media: The Spread of Occupy Protests” at the Washington, D.C., area Information Retrieval Experts Winter Meeting.

Volgenau School of Engineering

Tomasz Arciszewski, Civil, Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering, gave talks at Penn State’s Department of Architectural Engineering on “Successful Education” in December 2011, and on “Critical and Creative Thinking” in January 2012.  On Feb. 14, 2012, Gazeta Wyborcza, a national newspaper in Poland, published an interview with Arciszewski on revolutionary innovations.

Kenneth Hintz, Electrical and Computer Engineering, was named a fellow of the International Society for Optics and Photonics for “achievements in information-based approach to heterogeneous sensor management, landmine detection, signal and image processing.”

Amarda Shehu, Computer Science, received a National Science Foundation CAREER award titled “Probabilistic Methods for Addressing Complexity and Constraints in Protein Systems.” The award is effective March 1, 2012, and expires Feb. 28, 2017. The total amount funded is expected to be $549,926. Shehu and a colleague wrote “Modeling Structures and Motions of Loops in Protein Molecules,” which was published in Entropy Journal 2012, 14(2):252-290.Shehu, Kenneth A. De Jong and graduate student Uday Kamath, wrote “A Two-Stage Evolutionary Approach for Effective Classification of Hypersensitive DNA Sequences,” which was published in the Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology 2011, 9(3): 399-413. Shehu and graduate students Brian Olson and Kevin Molloy wrote “In Search of the Protein Native State with a Probabilistic Sampling Approach,” which was published in the Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology 2011, 9(3):383-398. Shehu and Olson published “Populating Local Minima in the Protein Conformational Space,” in the IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine proceedings (Atlanta, Ga., 2011).

Gheorghe Tecuci, Computer Science and Learning Agents Center, presented “Cognitive Assistants for Intelligence, Defense and Security” at the February 2012 Technical Collaboration Session of the Innovative Solutions Consortium.