Grand Challenges Featured in New Podcast

Mason president, Gregory Washington, discusses major challenges and their intrinsic opportunities with Mason students and faculty.

Access to Excellence Podcast

Join John Hollis as he speaks to the thought leaders and newsmakers who make Mason one of the nation's most vibrant educational environments.

About the Podcast

Host John Hollis is a seasoned journalist, a master interviewer and, as a senior communications officer at George Mason University, his familiarity with his subjects makes for enlightening and entertaining conversations.


Latest Episode:

Mason president, Gregory Washington takes his seat in the host chair in the first of a series of president's podcasts. In this episode, Washington introduces the grand challenges facing Mason students and graduates which will lay the framework of upcoming podcast discussions.

The first installment, just released, is with Schar School Dean Mark J. Rozell, who talks about the presidential election, how Donald Trump has molded the Republican party in his own image, how to reform the electoral college, and where things go from here politically in this country.

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