George Mason University

Wellness and Well-Being


Research shows that our ability to thrive and succeed is directly correlated to our wellness and well-being. The good news is that wellness and well-being can be learned and developed at any age, and the benefits cross over to all aspects of life. When evidence-based techniques designed to improve wellness become part of everyday life, they increase an individual’s ability to make choices and take actions that lead to increased personal and professional success.

  • Center for Health and Risk Communication

    The center provides an organizational framework for stimulating innovative health and risk communication research collaborations, health projects, and community interventions. Health communication includes such areas of study as care provider-consumer interactions, informed healthcare decision-making, social support, the development and implementation of health promotion campaigns, and the uses of media and information technologies within the health system. Risk communication looks at strategic communication to government, first responders, and the public to health and safety risks, and includes such areas as media management, risk prevention, preparation, and response to health and crisis situations.

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  • Center for Nonprofit Management, Philanthropy, and Policy

    With nonprofit organizations delivering vital services to improve the quality of life in most communities around the nation, the center seeks to improve their effectiveness through research, training, and public education. Areas of focus include the role of foundations and philanthropy in society; nonprofit–government relations; nonprofit accountability, governance, and effectiveness; global civil society; and social enterprise and social entrepreneurship.

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  • Center for Sport Management

    The Center for Sport Management is on the front lines advancing the research and practice of sport management. It’s also working to enrich the professional preparation of students in the field by encouraging excellence in teaching.

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  • Center for Study of Chronic Illness and Disability

    The Center for Study of Chronic Illness and Disability is working to improve the lives of people with disabilities. It’s doing state-of-the-art research to study factors that lead to disability, its prevention, or amelioration; and to provide research opportunities for the next leaders in rehabilitation science. The research is designed to determine the mechanisms by which disability occurs in chronic illnesses, who is at risk for severe disability, which treatments are effective in preventing or ameliorating disability and restoring function. The findings will help determine which treatments are likely to prevent or ameliorate disability.

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  • Center for the Advancement of Public Health

    The center for the Advancement of Public Health helps people and organizations promote health and safety and offers resources to local, state, and national initiatives. Among the top projects and research areas: Substance abuse prevention, HIV/AIDS prevention, and traffic safety.

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  • Center for the Advancement of Well-Being

    The center helps people learn about well-being and and how to incorporate it into their lives. It works to create a university in which students, faculty, and staff experience the dimensions of well-being  — physical, career/purpose, social, community, psychological and financial. Research through the center focuses on how people can live with vitality, purpose, resilience, and engagement.

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  • Center for the Study of Sport and Leisure in Society

    The center draws on a substantial group of renowned researchers to examine the place of sport in American and global societies. It provides research and consulting services, academic programming, and critical analysis of key issues in sport, leading to grant funding and enhanced research and publishing. Current research topics include race and ethnicity in sport and the history and culture of cycling.

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  • Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy

    The institute brings philosophical analysis—the examination of values and the clarification of concepts—to the discussion of issues in public policy. Members address moral, legal, and societal concerns that arise in such areas as emerging technologies, international development, and global demands for justice. It provides expertise in the ethical and conceptual dimensions of public policy and complements empirical research from the natural and social sciences.

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