Classrooms and Instructional Spaces

Mason’s hybrid plan includes some classes in person on our campuses.

Student works in science lab
Classes that include lab work will be offered in person on campus.

We’re preparing in-person instructional spaces that will enhance learning while prioritizing health and safety.

Mason looked at all available spaces across our campuses to maximize classroom capacity while following health and safety guidelines.

  • We’ll configure classrooms to allow 6 feet of distance between students and 10 feet for faculty.
  • Classes requiring lab work or those that are performance- or experience-based will get first priority.
  • Classes of more than 30 students will be encouraged to go online, or use the hybrid model.
  • Assembly spaces might be used, if needed.
  • Rooms will be cleaned overnight and twice each day.
  • Each classroom will have sanitizing wipe dispensers. At the end of every class, students can disinfect desks and chairs, while faculty can disinfect the lectern/table/AV controls.
  • If hard copies such as tests, papers, or assignments must be used, documents should be in a box, envelope or other container, so students can pick up and drop off their own. Let documents sit for 24 hours before handling them, then wash your hands afterwards.
  • Everyone must wear face coverings, which are required in all buildings.