Customer Service Locations

Mason will implement virtual customer services where possible, and use additional precautions in spaces where university employees and contractors interact with and offer retail services to students, faculty, staff, or visitors.

Cashier in a coffee shop
Customer service staff must wear masks, and we'll take other precautions to lower risks for both staff and customers.

At cashier and customer service areas, we’ll put plastic or plexiglass barriers between employees and customers, and provide face coverings, gloves and hand sanitizer to staff.

Our plans will include accommodations for members of the community with special needs.

Workers will also have spray bottles with EPA-approved disinfectant solution and disposable towels to periodically clean work areas, counter tops, and high-touch areas, following Virginia Safer at Home Phase 2: Guidelines for all Business Sectors.

Staff will also be encouraged to take more frequent breaks to prevent mask fatigue.

The university will post signs notifying customers and employees of additional precautions required in service areas. These signs will:

  • Indicate where customers should wait to receive service.
  • Reinforce physical distancing guidelines.

If people need to stand in line, we'll place signs, floor decals, stanchions, or other devices to encourage physical distancing.

Cash or credit cards are frequently transferred from person to person. Although the contact time is limited and contact areas are small, we still recommend handwashing or use of hand sanitizer after a transaction.