George Mason University

Communications and Training

Knowledge is power, especially in times like these. We’ll tell you want to know and need to know.


All faculty, staff, and student workers must complete Safe Return to Campus Training before returning to campus. This training covers:

  • Basics of COVID-19 transmission and symptoms.
  • Actions to take if you think you’ve been exposed to or have COVID-19.
  • Accommodations for those at high risk.
  • University precautions.
  • Resuming research.
  • Classroom precautions.
  • Physical/social distancing.
  • Face coverings.
  • Travel and event rules.
  •  Options if you don’t feel safe returning to campus.
  • Resources for telework, instruction, research, support, and counseling.
  • Enforcement procedures.

Driver Awareness Training will include information on reduced ridership, cleaning, and disinfecting.

Supervisors can manage employees’ training status through MasonLEAPS.

Student Safe Return to Campus Training will be available soon in Blackboard for students to take before or when they return to campus. In addition to the basics covered in the employee session, student training will also include precautions specific to:

  • Classrooms.
  • Residence halls.
  • Athletic and recreational facilities.
  • Student Centers.
  • Libraries.
  • Common areas (indoor and outdoor).
  • Events and performances
  • Registered Student Organizations.
  • Organizing and hosting student events.
  • Student support services and resources
  • Study abroad and traveling.


From the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mason has constantly refined our plans, policies, and procedures to keep our community safe and to continue our mission of freedom and learning.