Unit Safety Plans

Mason wants to minimize on-campus operations to reduce potential exposures in workspaces. We will do this without compromising service or work quality.

Each unit/department was instructed to develop a Unit/Department Safety Plan describing how it will implement public health and safety guidance for on-campus activities.

This plan helped units and departments to determine:

  • Who should return to campus.
  • When faculty and staff should return.
  • Which workspace or work schedule modifications will reduce exposure risks.
  • What safety supplies are needed.

This plan did not include classrooms or research areas; these spaces are being assessed through a different process.

Each unit/department submitted safety plans that outline how they intend to comply with the Safe Return to Campus Plan's public health and safety precautions.

The Department Plans Review Working Group reviewed the plans and distributed safety supplies to units and departments.  

Man carries laptop case and face covering into office

Unit safety plans determine who should return to campus and when.