Signs and Visual Cues

Guidelines and reminders about physical distancing, face coverings, and hygiene practices appear on signs and visual cues such as floor decals across our campuses.

All signs have been created in consultation with Disability Services. They will have distinguishing features that allow low-vision faculty, staff, and students to identify the information as COVID-19 guidance and use technology to help users read signs.

Information will be provided in different languages when and where needed.

Signs will include information specific to the site in which they appear. You’ll find them in such places as:

  • Parking lots.

    Example of Covid instructional sign for Mason campus
  • Building entrances.
  • Common areas within buildings.
  • Elevator lobbies.
  • Entrances to classrooms and instructional spaces.
  • Rooms with occupancy limits.
  • Line or queue locations.
  • State vehicles.
  • Mason Shuttle stops.
  • Restroom entrances and mirrors.
  • Dining facilities.
  • Events and social gatherings.

Visual cues such as floor decals and/or stanchions will direct traffic flow in common areas, and mark physical distancing requirements for people standing in lines.

If you see an area where additional signage and reminders would be helpful, contact Environmental Health and Safety.