George Mason University


Graduation Student Speaker Competition

Share Your Thoughts, Dreams, and Insights

All prospective graduates are invited to apply to speak at Winter 2019 Commencement ceremonies.

If you're selected for this honor, you'll be able to inspire your fellow Patriots to make their marks on the world.​​

Competition Rules and Requirements

  • You must be eligible to graduate in the Dec. 19, 2019, ceremony.
  • The speech must be original.
  • You can speak up to seven minutes, but no longer.
  • Submit the script for your speech with your name, college or school, and email address. Submissions go to the Office of University Events. The submission deadline is Monday, Nov. 11, 2019, by noon. 
  • A panel of members of the university administration, faculty, staff, and students will judge the submissions.


Your speech will be judged on its content and quality. Share and showcase your Mason story, and discuss your experience here, your growth as a student, and how you feel about being a member of the university community. Speeches should be suitable for a large, live audience.

We encourage you to

  • Discuss all facets of your campus-life experience
  • Focus on your graduating class and your experiences together with an eye toward your future
  • Engage the graduating class and their guests

Selection Process

Once preliminary selections are made, finalists will be invited to present their speeches to the committee.

We will provide coaching and opportunities to practice your speech in EagleBank Arena.

The committee will make a decision by Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2019.

Candice Joel Fathi gives a speech at a degree celebration.

Student speaker Candice Joel Fathi speaks during the Graduate School of Education Degree Celebration.