George Mason University

Frequently Asked Questions

We have written this helpful Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section to answer many of your questions about the admissions process. If you have additional questions, after your review these FAQ’s and our How to Apply Guide, please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions.

Before You Apply

What are the deadlines? What are the requirements?

Please visit our Application Deadlines and Requirements section to review the specific program you are interested in.

What are the minimum requirements to apply? What should I do before I consider applying?

Please visit our How to Apply guide for GPA requirements and suggested actions may consider before you begin an application.

Will GMU accept my degree from an unaccredited United States institution?

No, we will only accept degrees and transfer credits accredited by one of the six regional accreditation bodies Mason recognizes. These are listed at

Do I have to apply and be admitted if I just want to take a course?

Yes, in order to take any graduate course at George Mason you must apply and be admitted. If you are not interested in earning a degree or graduate certificate, you may apply to our university as a Non-Degree seeking graduate applicant.

Do you offer Spring admission?

Some programs offer Spring admission, while others don’t. Please review the terms of admission for the specific program you are interested in under the Application Deadlines and Requirements section.

What documents should I have ready for upload before I start my application?

Be prepared to upload all of your supplementary materials, such as your goals statement, immediately following your application submission. You will upload these online in your Self-Service Center after you submit your application. To be prepared, first visit the Application Deadlines and Requirements section of the program for which you will apply. If your program requires letters of recommendation, we suggest you gather the emails and contact information for your recommenders as well. For questions regarding transcripts, please make sure you visit our transcript FAQ’s.

I am going to apply to multiple programs. May I use the same username and password?

In order to apply to more than one program, you must create a new username and password using different email addresses. Make sure you are keeping track of all your applications by checking all the emails you used to create your accounts. However, if you are applying for programs that use different applications, you may use the same account. You can tell the types of application forms that are available by looking at the links available on this page:

Example A. If you are applying for a Master’s program and a PhD program for the same term, the same application form is used for both so multiple accounts are needed.
Example B. If you are applying for a Master’s program and a non-degree program, since these are two different applications, you can use just one account.

I am going to apply to multiple programs. Do I need to submit multiple applications?

Yes, will need to submit separate applications, complete uploads and pay application fees for all applications submitted.

I am a veteran, active-duty service member, or family member of one. How can I use my benefits at Mason?

If you have questions about veterans benefits or resources, or would like to schedule an individual consultation, contact the Office of Military Services at 703-993-1316 or email

How much are your tuition and fees?

Our tuition and fees may be reviewed through our Student Accounts site at

Where do I mail my documents to?

Our application process is online and we offer the opportunity for applicants to upload most required items, including unofficial transcripts and letters of recommendation, in their Self-Service Center. This process is faster and more efficient for applications. We strongly discourage mailing any documents via postal mail, unless necessary, as it will significantly slow down your application process. Only admitted and enrolled students are required to submit official transcripts.

Please visit our How to Apply Guide to learn how to submit items for your application online.

If you still need to mail documents to our office, please send them to:

George Mason University
4400 University Drive
MSN 4C8-Office of Graduate Admissions
Fairfax, VA 22030

Tip to ensure delivery: Please type or write our name on your package exactly as it appears above. The MSN is our Mail Stop Number. This is particularly important, as that is what gets your items directly to our office versus the many, many others on our campus.

Can I talk to someone about my credentials and potential admissibility?

Certainly! While we hope that our online information is helpful we know you may have questions beyond what we’ve covered here. Here are few options:

For questions related to the application process, please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions at or 703-993-9700. Examples here would be about the process of applying, official transcripts, or minimum GPA. While we will do our best to accommodate all walk-in questions, we strongly encourage appointments so that we can ensure your program-specific Graduate Admissions specialist is available.

For program or major-specific questions, you may either reach out to the Office of Graduate Admissions and we’ll connect you with the Graduate Admissions liaison office in the college/school where your specific program of interest resides or you may contact them directly. Examples here would be about specific courses, required exams, or career goals. Additionally, you may want to consider attending an Information Session for the college/school or program you are interested in.

Please know that without submitting a complete application for admission, these meetings or conversations will be informational only. We do not review your credentials to determine if you will be admitted, as that requires a review by our faculty after submission of all required materials.

Online Application Support

I selected the program I wanted on the online application, but why won’t it let me select the term/semester I want?

If you are unable to select the term for your desired program this may mean either the program does not offer admission for the term that you have selected or the program’s application deadline has passed and they are not accepting additional applications. Please check the Application Deadlines and Requirements section of our page verify.

If the deadline has not passed and your desired program does offer admission for that term/semester, please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions at for assistance.

I see that there are other supplementary materials required for my program, but it won’t let me upload them to the online application.

Uploads, such as goals statements and resumes, are added to the Self-Service Center only once to submit your application.

I can’t find my college or university on the online application.

Attempt to search for keywords in the College field instead of the institution’s complete name (for example: just ‘Mason’ instead of ‘George Mason University’). If you are still unable to locate your college, select "College Not Found" and enter the name of your college in the "Comments" box at the bottom of the record.

I am having trouble uploading my items to the online application.

The online application can only accept documents and multimedia files. Documents such as Word, Excel, PDF and Text have a maximum upload capacity 15 MB. Zipping a file, printing the PDF only in black and white, and/or removing graphics may reduce the size of your upload. Please do not mail or email duplicates of documents that were successfully uploaded to the online system.

International or Internationally Educated Applicants

Is the TOEFL required for my application?

If you have not earned a Bachelor’s degree or higher from an institution in the United States, Canada (excluding province of Quebec), Commonwealth Caribbean (Antigua, Barbuda, Belize, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Guyana, Jamaica, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Grenadines, and Trinidad and Tobago), United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand  you must provide proof of English proficiency.

This is a non-negotiable requirement, based solely on where your highest degree was earned.

You may view the test score minimums under our Standardized Test Information section.

What transcripts or diplomas do I need to submit?

Please visit our International Transcript Guidelines for our full policy.

What is an international transcript evaluation? Do I need one? How do I get one?

A transcript evaluation is a process by which a professional evaluator verifies the authenticity and equivalence of international transcripts. The evaluation equates the education and develops a grade point average according to US standards. George Mason University requires all applicants who have completed degrees outside the United States to submit their transcripts for degree validation before they may be considered for admission to a graduate degree program at Mason.

To get an international transcript evaluation you have two options:

1. Pay for your own international transcript evaluation

To expedite your application, we strongly encourage you to send your credentials to an approved evaluation agency or another approved service listed on the how to find a member section of NACES. You should authorize the agency to forward completed evaluations directly to George Mason University. Agencies charge fees for their services and it is each applicant’s responsibility to make sure their evaluation will meet our standards. The NACES approved evaluation must be a course by course evaluation. This type of report identifies the institution(s) attended, dates of attendance, credentials received, and the United States equivalent of your study. Additionally, this report lists the individual courses taken for each credential received and provides a US equivalent credit/unit value and grade for each course. A US equivalent grade point average (GPA) must be included in the report. We do not accept document by document evaluations.

Please remember that George Mason does also reserve the right to request additional items once these evaluations arrive. 

Note: Although unofficial transcripts are sufficient for the application process, admitted students must provide official copies of their transcripts. Students may choose to submit an evaluation that includes attested copies of their transcripts. However, please note that the only outside company whom George Mason will accept attested transcripts from in tandem with a transcript evaluation is World Evaluation Services (WES). Specifically, the WES ICAP is the only evaluation that provides attested documents that can be accepted as official. However, please also keep in mind that if the WES ICAP evaluation that is sent to our office does not include all of the documents that are required, the student will need to submit any missing official documents.


2. You may request that Mason complete an International Transcript Evaluation for you as part of your application.

This service is offered as a courtesy with submitted applications, but to take advantage of this service, you must strictly adhere to our guidelines and timeframes. Your application AND all required unofficial transcripts/diplomas, as outlined in our International Transcript Guidelines, must be submitted a minimum of 60 days before your application program deadline. If you do not meet this timeframe, we do not guarantee your evaluation will be done in time for your deadline. Most, but not all Mason graduate programs, accept our internal Mason evaluations. If your program does not accept these, you will not see Mason listed as an option in your application where we ask about your plan to get an international transcript evaluation.

Will Mason complete a transcript evaluation for me? Is it free? How long does it take? Will I get my transcripts back?

Mason does provide international transcript evaluation services as a courtesy when you submit your application. There is no additional cost for this service, but your application AND all required unofficial transcripts/diplomas, as outlined in our International Transcript Guidelines, must be submitted a minimum of 60 days before your application program deadline. If you do not meet this timeframe, we do not guarantee your evaluation will be completed by your program deadline. Most, but not all Mason graduate programs, accept our internal Mason evaluations. If your program does not accept these, you will not see Mason listed as an option in your application where we ask about your plan to get an international transcript evaluation.

Mason International Transcript Evaluations can take 2-4 weeks for completion once your transcripts are sent for evaluation. If you requested a Mason evaluation on your online application, no further action is required on your part to get this evaluation. Once all required transcripts are received, you will see a note in your Self-Service Center that your transcript has been sent for evaluation. Before 4 weeks have passed, we will NOT respond to requests to provide status updates on pending international transcript evaluations.

Items submitted for your application become the official property of George Mason University and will not be returned, including transcripts. 

Does Mason offer conditional admission without the TOEFL/IELTS/PTE or English language exams?

We do not offer conditional admission for applicants who do not meet our English-Language Proficiency Exam scores.  If you are interested in improving your English-language skills in preparation for graduate study, you may want to consider applying for our INTO Mason program. For more information, please contact their offices.

How do I apply for a Student Visa?

Please see How to Request an I-20 for graduate students though our Office of International Programs and Services.

College Transcripts and Diplomas

I am a US educated applicant. Do I have to submit official transcripts and diplomas/degree certificates for my application to be reviewed for admission?

No, we do not require official transcripts to apply. You may upload scanned, unofficial copies of your transcripts as part of your online application process.  If you are admitted and enroll then we will request your official transcripts. 

I am an international or internationally educated applicant. Do I have to submit official transcripts and diplomas/degree certificates for my application to be reviewed for admission?

No, we do not require official transcripts to apply. You may upload scanned, unofficial copies of your transcripts as part of your online application process. Please review our International Transcript Guidelines to determine exactly what documents you must submit online. If you are admitted and enroll then we will request your official transcripts.

If you are applying for an F1 or J1 Visa, you must submit your official transcripts prior to the issuance of your I-20.  If you have not yet graduated at the point of admission or have not received your final transcripts, you must submit what you have earned thus far.

I have attended a few different colleges/schools. What transcripts do I have to submit?

If you earned a degree from an institution, you must submit those transcripts for review. This is regardless of your level of study (Ex. Bachelors, Masters, etc.) at that institution or program you are applying to at Mason. Additionally, if you have taken any graudate courses, you will need to submit those transcripts even if no degree was awarded. 

I had many undergraduate transfer credits from another school where I didn’t earn my degree /OR/ I did summer sessions at another school where I didn’t earn my degree /OR/ I did a study abroad program. Do I have to send those transcripts too?

You only need to submit transcripts for credits earned toward a master’s or doctorate degree.  We do not require submission of undergraduate transfer credits earned or from a study abroad program.  

I am an applying to more than one program. Do I have to submit everything, including transcripts and supplementary materials to each application?

Yes. Graduate programs do not share applications with one another and each program may have different supplementary material requirements, such as different requirements for goals statement or letters of recommendation. Therefore in order to complete the requirements for each application, you will be to upload items each time you apply.

Regarding Test Scores: the Graduate School matches GRE/TOEFL scores to each application, provided you have had the scores sent to the institution’s code (5827).

I graduated from George Mason. Do I need to upload those unofficial transcripts?

No, you don’t need to upload transcripts, but you will still need to upload a document for submission because you put that in your education history. We recommend a Microsoft Word document that says “GMU ALMUNI” and when we see that we’ll know to pull your documents for you.

Test Scores

Will you accept unofficial or copies of my scores?

No, we will not accept unofficial test scores. Requiring an original directly from the testing agency increases our certainty that the test score submitted is accurate.

How do I send my scores to Mason?

Please visit our Standardized Test Information section and find your specific exam.

My name appears differently on my test from my application name. Will this cause issues?

If your name appears differently, in any way, on your test than from your online application, this can cause delays and failure in scores being matched to your application. If this is the case, please email

My score won’t arrive until after my programs deadline. Did I still meet the deadline?

Deadlines are for complete applications and all supplemental materials, including test scores. Those applications that are not complete by the deadline may be considered on a space-available basis if your program deadline specifies this. 

I sent my test scores to school code 5827 and have confirmation that you have received them. Why don’t I see them on my Self-Service Center as received?

There are a few reasons why this could have happened:

  1. Your name appears differently on application than it does on your test scores and we did not know to match the two different contacts together.
  2. Testing agencies send us scores in large batches or groups of many, many individual’s scores together. The date you received confirmation for arrival at the university is when that batch was received.  While we load the batches frequently, during peak season (October to May) there may be a delay between receipt date and when your score is matched to your application due to volume. Please allow 10 business (Monday-Friday) days after the receipt date before you contact us.
  3. If you submitted your scores before you submitted your application, we may need to merge your two records so that your application and scores are in the same place. 

Letters of Recommendation

How many letters of recommendation are required?

While many of our programs require three letters of recommendation, it varies by program. Please visit our Application Deadlines and Requirements section to review the required number for the specific program you are interested in. These must be sent electronically via your online application.

How should I prepare to have my recommenders submit online letters of recommendation?

We suggest you gather the emails and contact information for your recommenders as soon as you decide who will complete this process for you. Notify them of the program you are applying to and let them know when you intend to submit your application so that they will be prepared to respond quickly. You should also warn them that sometimes these emails can end up on spam filters and they’ll need to watch that folder.

How do my recommenders get notified to submit a letter of recommendation?
  • On the online application, you input your recommender’s email.
  • As soon as you save that page of the application, the notice will go out to their email that you have requested their recommendation.
  • They are then notified that you have requested their recommendation via the email you provided for them. (Tip: We strongly encourage you to notify your desired recommenders in advance of this notification so that they can anticipate your request and follow up quickly.)
  • Upon submission of their recommendation, it will automatically be linked to your online application.
Does my letter of recommendation have to come from a faculty member? Could a supervisor at work or friend do this instead?

It is usually preferable that your letters be written by a faculty member who can evaluate you as a student. We recommend you follow up with the specific program you are applying to if this may be a concern for you.

What does it mean to WAIVE my right to examine my letters of recommendation?

If you agree to waive: You will not be able to view the letters submitted on your behalf at any time, regardless of enrollment at the University.

If you do not agree to waive: If you are admitted and enroll at George Mason University, your letters will become part of your student record and you will have the right to inspect them. Please note this option is only for enrolled students and programs are not required to maintain letters of recommendation for students upon enrollment so this may not be an option. If you do not enroll, regardless of your selection, you may not review your letters.

Should I waive my rights to my recommendations?

It is completely your decision whether or not you wish to waive your rights to inspect your letters of recommendation. Your recommender will be notified of your decision as part of their online submission and your program will also be able to see this decision. Seeing that you waived your rights may reassure the faculty review committee that all provided support is candid and truthful. If you are still uncertain, you may wish to ask the advice of a trusted advisor, such as a faculty member, current graduate student or supervisor. There are also many websites found through a simple online search that reference the pros and cons of each decision.

May I request more than three letters of recommendation as part of my application?

No. The number of letters requested was determined by the faculty who will review your application and we don’t have an additional method to deliver this service.

One of my recommenders did not receive the notification email. What can I do?

If this happens before you submit your application, on the online application go to the “Recommendations” tab and select “Re-send Invitation” for the appropriate recommender

If this happens after you submit your application, go into your Self-Service Center (SSC) and click on the “Applications” tab at top. Then click the “Summary” button next to application and click “Resend Invitation” next to appropriate recommender.

Can I add or delete recommenders once I have submitted my application?

No, you may not modify recommenders once you have submitted your application. You may only re-send their email invitation.

What if my recommender cannot submit their letter of recommendation online?
  • If it is a technical issue, you may resend the notice to them to ensure it didn’t end up in their spam filter.
  • If it is not a technical issue and you have some extenuating circumstance, such as serving in the Armed Forces overseas or are on political asylum, please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions for specific instructions. We strongly discourage this option for anyone who does not have a truly extenuating circumstance preventing the recommender’s online submission because it may delay your application review.

Supplementary Materials

What are supplementary materials?

Supplementary materials are any mandatory items you are required to submit in addition to your application and fee.

  • There are university- wide standard supplementary materials, such as transcripts or the TOEFL exam for internationally educated applicants. These are minimum required items that all applicants must submit, regardless of program.
  • Then there are program-specific supplementary materials, such as letters of recommendation or the GRE. The faculty who review these applications selected these. In some instances, such as our teacher licensure or nursing programs, certain items may be required for program certification by outside organizations or Boards.  

Until you submit all of the required supplementary materials, both university-standard and program-specific, your application will not be reviewed for admission. You may determine what is required for your specific program on our Application Deadlines and Requirements page.

I see that there are other supplementary materials required for my program, but it won’t let me upload them to the online application.

First you must complete the online application form. Then, within 10 minutes or less of submission, you’ll receive a notification that your Self-Service Center has been updated with your program-specific supplemental materials. From there you’ll be able to go back in and upload the missing required materials such as your goals statement or writing sample.

What do I write about in my goals statement?

Each program may have different suggestions for your goals statement. We strongly suggest your visit either the school website for the program you applying to or the programs own website.

Decisions and Enrollment

How will I be notified of the decision on my application?

Once your application decision is ready, you will receive an email notifying you to log back into your online portal, where you may view your application decision letter.

Can you tell me over the phone or in-person what my decision is before I get emailed?

No, until you receive notification that your decision is ready in your online portal, we do not have the necessary information.

What do I need to do now that I have been admitted? How do I enroll in courses?

If you wish to enroll, please follow the directions for submitting your Intent to Enroll. Without this, we cannot create a record/account that allows you into our student registration system.

Non-Degree Admissions

What are Non-Degree Graduate studies?

Non-Degree offers applicants the opportunity to take comprehensive, graduate-level courses without formally pursuing a degree. This option allows individuals who do not currently wish to pursue a degree, but are interested in taking competitive courses, access to skilled faculty, our excellent research facilities and the opportunity to get a jump start on a possible graduate degree in the future. Applicants must present an earned baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university, or international equivalent, verified from official transcripts with a minimum 3.00 GPA on a 4.00 grade scale.

Will I have to reapply later if I want to be admitted to a degree seeking program?

Yes, you must apply, submit the necessary supplementary materials and receive admission in order to enter a degree-seeking program.

How many credits could I transfer into a Master’s program from Non-Degree Graduate studies?

Twelve credits is the maximum allowable transfer of credits.