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George Mason University is Virginia’s largest and most diverse public research university. Located near Washington, D.C., Mason enrolls more than 37,000 students from 130 countries and 50 states. Mason has grown rapidly over the past half-century and is recognized for its innovation, entrepreneurship and commitment to provide academic opportunities for students of all backgrounds.

George Mason University At-a-Glance

  • Located in Fairfax, Virginia, 15 miles from Washington, D.C.
  • Largest public research university in Virginia, with more than 37,000 students
  • President: Dr. Ángel Cabrera
  • Independent since 1972, after serving as a branch college of University of Virginia from 1957-72
  • One of 131 U.S. universities to receive highest research designation from Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education
  • Two Nobel Prizes in Economics (James Buchanan in 1986, Vernon Smith in 2002)
  • One of four Virginia institutions ranked among top 100 universities in U.S., and top 300 universities in world, by ShanghaiRanking Consultancy’s Academic Ranking of World Universities
  • More than half of Mason’s undergraduates are students of color, and Mason exceeds national graduation rates regardless of race, ethnicity or wealth status
  • Ranked most diverse university in Virginia, and 25th-most diverse in country, by U.S. News & World Report
  • 34 percent of undergraduates are first in family to earn four-year degree
  • Mason in top three public universities in state for highest starting salaries
  • Student loan default rate of 2.3% less than one-third of national average
  • Motto: Freedom and Learning
  • 82 undergraduate programs, 89 master’s, 39 doctoral, law
  • Students from 130 countries, 50 states
  • Campuses in Arlington, Virginia and Manassas, Virginia
  • 200,000 alumni
  • Information:, 703-993-1000


A comprehensive look at where Mason ranks in some of the most prestigious academic surveys.

U.S. News & World Report

Rank             University-wide                                                                                                  

18                                    Operating efficiency

 25                                   Diversity (best in DMV area)

 28                                   Most Innovative

 67                                   Public universities

 73                                   High school counselor ratings

105                                  Best college for veterans

116                                  National universities  

403                                  Worldwide among 1,250 institutions ranked

Listed                              A+ School for B Students

Listed                              Teaching writing across disciplines


Rank                  Program

2                                     Homeland/National security (graduate)

4                                     Part-time law

11                                   Criminology (graduate)

16                                   Special education (graduate)

24                                   Online Information technology (graduate)

32                                   Intellectual property law

32                                   Part-time MBA

32 .                                 Public policy analysis (graduate)

33                                   Health care management (graduate)

36                                   Industrial/systems engineering (graduate)

37                                   Doctor of nursing (graduate)

39                                   Online non-MBA business (graduate)

42                                   Online Education (graduate)

44                                   History (graduate)

45                                   Full-time law

47                                   Public affairs (graduate)

49                                   Nursing (graduate)

52                                   Space science

54                                   International law

56                                   Online business accounting

56                                   Economics and business

57                                   Education (graduate)

57                                   Online engineering (graduate)

61                                   Social sciences and public health

68                                   Computer science (graduate)

72                                   Political science (graduate)

75                                   Social work (graduate)

76                                   Trial advocacy law

77                                   Computer engineering (graduate)

78                                   Economics (graduate)

78                                   Public health (graduate)

80                                   Sociology (graduate)

82                                   Clinical medicine

82                                   Tax law

83                                   Statistics (graduate)

86                                   Health care law (graduate)

87                                   Clinical psychology (graduate)

87                                   School of Business

89                                   Civil engineering (graduate)

90                                   Electronic/communications engineering (graduate)

90                                   Psychology (graduate)

91                                   Bioengineering/biomedical (graduate)

96                                   Social work (graduate)



Rank                   Nationally

49                                      Among public institutions

54                                      A best employer among midsize companies

77                                      A "Best Value" college

169                                    Among "Top Colleges"

180                                    A best employer for diversity


Rank                   Nationally

30                                      Among universities that admit 50 percent of applicants

34                                     As a transformative college

97                                     A best value college

Shanghai Rankings

Rank                             Worldwide

18                                                     Law

30                                                     Economics

40                                                     Public administration

Top 75                                              Communication

Top 75                                              Political science

Top 100                                            Library and information science

Top 100                                            Education

Top 100                                            Atmospheric science

Rank                             Nationally

Top 95                                              Among all institutions

Washington Monthly


6                                        Best college for adult learners        

9                                        Loan repayment

20                                      Mean earnings ($66,522) 10 years after college entry

59                                      Nationally

Listed                                A best college for voting

Princeton Review


Listed                                   A "Green College"    

National Science Foundation

Rank                    Nationally

146 (top 23 percent)          Research and development expenditures (FY 2017)  

SANS Institute

Rank                          Nationally

Top 3 percent                              Identifying students with cybersecurity aptitude

Facts and Figures

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning is the official source of institutional information. If you want such data as an enrollment number, a unit profile, or to know what degrees are conferred, this is the place to go.