Putting Coronavirus in Context: Faculty Play an Important Role in Educating the Public on Emerging Disease

Want to Better Understand the Coronavirus? Just Ask an our Faculty.

A search for the term coronavirus reveals more than 500 million results from a wide range of sources, making it difficult for most people to interpret, understand, and take practical, useful steps. No one is an expert on the new coronavirus yet -- it is too new -- but experts in how infectious diseases spread, such as epidemiologists, are vital sources for helping educate the public with facts on the coronavirus disease, how agencies are responding to the current outbreak, and lessons learned from previous infectious disease events.  While putting the current risk of contracting coronavirus in perspective, experts can also provide simple preventive tips for staying healthy. 


College of Health and Human Services Faculty in the Media

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  • Healthline - April 21- Dr. Amira Roess discusses public health measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and the dangers of ending social distancing measures too early.
  • Orlando Sentinel - April 17 - Dr. Amira Roess comments on possible early coronavirus cases in Florida.
  • Fox 5 DC - Apr. 15 - Dr. Amira Roess discusses COVID-19 antibodies and infection rates among varying age groups.
  • Society for Women's Health - Apr. 14 - Dr. Jhumka Gupta comments on COVID-19 and staggering increase in domestic violence.
  • The Hill - Apr. 14 - Dr. Amira Roess discusses factors that influence COVID-19 fatality rates.
  • The Huffington Post - Mar. 30 - Dr. Kathryn Jacobsen comments on the timeline for diagnosing COVID-19.
  • The Lancet - Mar. 28 - Dr. Kathryn Jacobsen comments, "Will COVID-19 generate global preparedness?"
  • Fox 5 DC - Mar. 25 - Dr. Shanti Lloyd talks about symptoms of coronavirus.
  • PRNewswire and other sources - Mar. 20 - Dr. Suzie Carmack offers free well-being resource s in "How We Can Stay Calm, Cool and Connected While We Practice Social Distancing."
  • Women's Media Center - Mar. 19 - Dr. Jhumka Gupta's op-ed on what coronavirus means for violence against women.
  • YahooNews Canada - Mar. 19 - Dr. Kathryn Jacobsen explains how even during the coronavirus pandemic, you can (carefully) go outside.
  • Yahoo Lifestyle - Mar. 18 - Dr. Kathryn Jacobsen discusses coronavirus and children not in school.
  • Yahoo News Podcast - Mar. 17 - Dr. Kathryn Jacobsen discusses social distancing and how we've never seen anything like the coronavirus before.
  • InsideNova and Fox5DC - Mar. 16 -Mason social work students Rachel Picon and Maricza Hinnah create Facebook group dedicated to finding, exchanging supplies.
  • 1stNews - Mar. 15 - Dr. Amira Roess explains how patients can be at risk for reinfection.
  • Nature Middle East - Mar. 17 - Dr. Amira Roess explains the state of health care infrastructure and access in the Middle East and improvements that Arabian Gulf Countries made following Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV).
  • San Francisco Chronicle - Mar. 15 - Dr. Amira Roess talks about coronavirus and social isolation.
  • Fox 5 DC - Mar. 11 - Dr. Amira Roess discusses who should self-quarantine during the coronavirus outbreak
  • Eating Well - Updated Feb. 28 - Dr. Amira Roess is quoted in article on ways to help prevent coronavirus.
  • Thailand Medical News - Feb. 23 - Dr. Amira Roess is quoted in an article on reinfections among patients with coronavirus.
  • CGTN America (video) - Feb. 20- Dr. Kathryn Jacobsen discusses what we know about coronavirus in video interview.
  • Washington Post (video) -  Feb. 6 - Dr. Kathryn Jacobsen discusses lessons from the SARS outbreak and the role animals can play in spreading disease.
  • CGTN America (video) - Feb. 4 - Dr. Kathryn Jacobsen is interviewed on the global containment of coronavirus.
  • Business Insider - Jan. 31- Dr. Amira Roess comments on the spread of fear of the unknown in the early stages of an infectious disease outbreak. 
  • AARP - Jan. 27 - Dr. Amira Roess discusses the importance of preventative measures such as hand washing before you eat, after you use the bathroom, and after leaving a crowded place as well as getting plenty of rest.
  • CGTN American (video) - Jan. 24 - In an interview on coronavirus, Dr. Kathryn Jacobsen breaks down what a WHO Public Health Emergency of International Concern means, how the response to SARS is informing prevention efforts, and public health and vaccine options.
  • CGTN America (video)-  Jan. 24- Dr. Kathryn Jacobsen provides additional context on the novel coronavirus. 
  • Youtube (video)- May 21- Amira Roess on COVID-19 Testing and Reopening the Economy
  • Youtube (video)- June 5- Amira Roess on safety during Phase One reopening of the economy

"Our risk for coronavirus here in the United States has increased during the month of March 2020. Americans are urged to practice social distancing, which means limiting their contact with other individuals to no less than than six feet. By doing so, we can reduce our individual risk of getting this virus and we can reduce the risk of us inadvertently spreading the virus to individuals with weakened immune systems or underlying conditions."

Dr. Amira Roess