Mason strong in latest U.S. News rankings

George Mason University has 14 graduate programs ranked among the top 50 nationally in new rankings released by U.S. News & World Report.

Leading the way is the part-time program in the Antonin Scalia Law School, which is ranked No. 4 nationally, ahead of the University of Maryland and American University; and the security studies programs in the Schar School of Policy and Government, which is ranked 10th and among institutions such as Columbia University and Harvard University. 

“A lot of hard work is coming from the different colleges and departments,” said Laurence Bray, Mason’s associate provost for graduate education. “The academic units' faculty and staff members are really the ones making a difference in taking our programs to the next level. The quality and rigor we instill through our programs are directly related to the numbers.” 

In addition to its part-time program, the law school’s intellectual property program is ranked No. 31, its constitutional law program is No. 38, its full-time program is No. 42, and its business/corporate program is No. 48. 

The Schar School’s local government management program is ranked 19th. Its public management program is 28th, its public policy analysis program is 30th, and its overall public affairs programs are raked 49th. 

Several other programs were ranked in the top 50. 

The special education program in the College of Education and Human Development is ranked 19th. The systems engineering program in the Volgenau School of Engineering is ranked 39th. The part-time MBA program in the School of Business is ranked 48th, and the doctoral program in the School of Nursing is 40th. 

“I’ve seen nothing but incredible support for graduate education programs at Mason,” Bray said. “And it’s going to continue to be even higher in terms of recognizing  how critical graduate education is for the success of our students and the university’s overall mission.” 

According to its website, U.S. News uses statistical surveys of more than 2,054 programs and from reputation surveys from more than 22,018 academic professionals.

Here is a preview list of Mason national rankings, provided by U.S. News. It will be updated if additional rankings become available: 


Part-time MBA    48 


Special Ed   19 

Overall programs   69 


Systems   39 

Computer   69 

Electrical   87 

Biomedical   93 

Civil   93 

Overall programs   102 


Overall programs   73 


Clinical Psychology   101 


Part-time   4 

Intellectual Property   31 

Constitutional   38 

Full-time   42 

Business/Corporate   48 

Contracts/Commercial   51 

Criminal   74 

International   75 

Tax   80 

Trial Advocacy   105 

Health Care   114 

Environmental   136 

Legal Writing   148 

Clinical training   155 


Master’s   51 

Doctoral   40 


Homeland Security   10 

Local Government Management   19 

Public Management/Leadership   28 

Public Policy Analysis   30 

Overall   49