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Summer Aid

Summer Financial Aid

Students who will attend classes during the Summer term(s) may request a review of their summer financial aid eligibility by submitting a Summer Aid Request Form to the Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA).  Please note, with the exception of the on-line MS in Accounting degree, graduate students in other 8 week or 7.5 week modular on-line programs do NOT need to complete a summer aid request form in order to receive aid for summer.  

Process for students to follow to apply for Summer Financial Aid:

  1. In March at your designated time, be sure to register for courses this summer.
  2. Please allow 1-2 weeks to process your financial aid request.
  3. The summer semester is a “trailer” term at Mason. If you have remaining financial aid eligibility after fall and spring awards are made, you will be offered aid for summer via your PatriotWeb portal,  and an email will be sent with instructions on how to log in and accept/decline your offer for the summer semester.
    a. If you either do not qualify for financial aid, or have exhausted your funding options for the year, you will be sent an email providing alternative methods to pay for your summer semester charges. To review eligibility requirements, click here  
  4. When you receive the email notifying you that your award is ready to view online, log in to your PatriotWeb to accept/decline your financial aid.
  5. The accepted aid will then be able to disburse to your student account up to 10 days before your first course in the summer would begin. Please note that if you change your class schedule, please notify your counselor to ensure the accuracy of your financial aid award.
    a. For some students, the amount of aid that can be offered will not cover your full balance due for your summer classes. You will need to search for other alternative methods to pay for your educational costs. Please view the Additional Payment section below for more information. 


Enrollment Status Definitions

Undergraduate Students
Credit Hours Enrollment Status
12 or more Full-time
9 - 11 Three-quarter time
6 - 8 Half-time
1 - 5 Less than half-time
Graduate Students
Credit Hours Enrollment Status
9 or more Full-time
6 - 8 Three-quarter time
4.5 - 5.5 Half-time
4.4 or less Less than half-time

Additional Payment Options

Loan Options

If you have already used your maximum annual Federal Direct Loan eligibility during the fall and spring semesters, you may have the option of applying for private loans or PLUS Loans (Parents of dependent students and Graduate/Professional students). Your summer financial aid email notification will provide additional information about these loan options.

Federal Direct Parent Plus (Dependent Undergraduate Students)

  • Must attend half time to be eligible

Federal Direct Graduate Plus Loan (Graduate Students)

  • Must attend half time to be eligible

Private Loans (Alternative)

*For loans like the Federal Direct Parent Plus, Federal Direct Graduate Plus and Alternative/Private Student Loans, only apply for the summer semester (since the upcoming fall semester is the start of a new academic year, we can only apply the aid you request to your summer semester.  Aid for the 2019-2020 year will have to be applied for separately after July 1, 2019.

Please note that when you apply for these loans, be sure to use the following loan beginning and end dates when you complete your application:

                05/15/2019 – summer term 2019 beginning date

                08/15/2019 – summer term 2019 end date 




Payment Plans (Student Accounts Office)

A payment plan for the summer semester may be set up through the Billing and Payment System. For questions, please contact Student Accounts at 703-993-2484.

If you need further assistance, please be sure to reach out to us with the assistance of our Contact Us page.